51 adjectives to describe ethics

Such a rational ethics, based on the laws which condition welfare rather than on a direct estimation of happiness, and premising the relativity of all pains and pleasures, escapes fundamental objections to the earlier hedonism (e.g., those to the hedonic calculus); and, combining the valuable elements in the divergent ethical theories, yields satisfactory principles for the decision of ethical problems.

All the weaknesses of humanity are flattered and called to the aid of this pernicious system of revolutionary ethics; and if France yet continue in a state of civilization, it is because Providence has not yet abandoned her to the influence of such a system.

Ministerial ethics and etiquette.

The problem of practical ethics is to construct a calculus of pleasures, a sort of ready-reckoner whereby men may be able to invest in the most profitable course of action.

REU, A. H. Christian ethics.

The same volume contains a more exhaustive examination than is possible in this lecture of the whole subject of evolutionist ethics.]

"A thoroughly scientific ethics must not only be adequate to the common moral sense of men, but prove true also to the moral consciousness of the Son of man.

By what means did he come to be accredited later with his loftiest attributes, and with regard for the tribal ethics, which, in practice, he daily broke and despised?

Basic Christian ethics.

There is no need to tell the majority of modern young men even to live up to the theoretical ethics of Henry Fielding.

There are physicians who will lie, and there are physicians who will not lie; and in each case the individual physician acts in this matter on his own responsibility: he has no code of professional ethics justifying a lie on his part as a physician, when it would not be justifiable in a layman.

But, however this may be, and whatever debt may be due on this score, from the North to the South, certain it is, that on no principle of sound ethics, can the South hold to the persons of the innocent slaves, as security for the payment of the debt.

Spiritual ethics laugh at the conventionalities of time.

He was, it seemed to me, a problem in fundamental ethics; he was, as matters stood, a demonstration of the essential uprightness of things as they are.

And all the riding hard, shooting true and dying gamethose poor ethics of the openhad not brought a crumb, not a crumb, of the real bread of life.

We can do no better than to turn to the statement by Professor James, whose wise remarks upon the subject have not been improved upon: "The physiological study of mental conditions is thus the most powerful ally of hortatory ethics.

One must know what man is before one can say what his 'good' or his duty is; and it is only because man's nature cannot be accounted for as a merely natural or animal product that the way is open for an idealist ethics such as Green's.

If so, the intuitive ethics would coincide with the utilitarian, and there would be no further quarrel between them.

One which provoked us to criticise the management strongly; but journalistic ethics reined us in.

Then for a little Logic, a little Ethics, and, GOD knows!

What Religion has to face in the controversies of to-day is not the unbelief of the sty, but the unbelief of the educated conscience and of the soaring intellect; and unless it can arm itself with a loftier ethic and a grander philosophy than its opponent, it will lose its hold over the purest and the strongest of the younger generation.

The course of moral philosophy has passed over the logical ethics of Clarke and Wollaston as an abstract and unfruitful idiosyncrasy, and it is certain that with both of these thinkers their plans were greater than their performances.

It is not in any principles which are recognized by the legal profession as binding on the conscience, that loose ethics are to find defense or support.

But in the martial ethics of Bushido, the main water-shed dividing the good and the bad was sought elsewhere.

There are resources in us that naturalism with its literal and legal virtues never recks of, possibilities that take our breath away, of another kind of happiness and power, based on giving up our own will and letting something higher work for us, and these seem to show a world wider than either physics or philistine ethics can imagine.

51 adjectives to describe  ethics