427 adjectives to describe event

That is to say, he recalled clearly all that had led up to that vicious blow from out of the darkness which had found his jaw with such surprising accuracy; and he was visited by one or two rather indefinite memories of subsequent events.

In narrating you should, as a rule, stick to simple occurrences, though you may occasionally vary your work by summarizing the plot of a novel or giving the gist and drift of big historical events.

This sad event left my mother and the family in poor circumstances, and I determined to follow the plains for a livelihood for them and myself.

" The number of remarkable events that happened on some particular days, have been the principal means of confirming both pagans and Christians in their opinions on this subject.

Such was become the general voice of the people; all parties were united in the same sentiments; and the Lancastrians, so long oppressed, and of late so much discredited, felt their blasted hopes again revive, and anxiously expected the consequences of these extraordinary events.

The earlier years of his power were associated with many stirring events which exercised no inconsiderable influence on the state of learning.

As it will not be out of place in this connection, I will here give a brief history of that memorable event.

It was addressed to both children, and after recapitulating generally the principal events of her life, continued: "Thus, my children, you perceive the consequences of indulgence and hardness of heart, which made me insensible to the sufferings of others, and regardless of the plainest dictates of justice.

Fearing some untoward event, I came down and took my place near him.

George Canning has naturally excited the curiosity of our readers to the villa in which that eminent statesman breathed his last; and we have therefore obtained from our artist an original drawing, which has been taken since the melancholy event occurred, and from which we are now enabled to give the above correct and picturesque engraving.

After the conclusion of peace, when France, through a series of wholly unexpected events, saw Germany prostrate at her feet and without an army, the same phenomenon took place.

They are impressed as palpably and indelibly upon my memory now as any actual events of my life.

Old GIPSUM then oratoricised as viz.: "Feller Fossils: This is indeed the most momentous event I've attended since I left Onondagar.

Within six and thirty hours after we had returned from the pursuit matters were so far straightened that we had nothing save ordinary garrison duty to perform, and we lounged around discussing the exciting and mysterious events which we had witnessed, until I dare venture to say that every man was absolutely weary with so much tongue-wagging.

The use that the leaders made of the occasion commands our admiration; although their plan was formed in the course and under the influence of generally unforeseen events.

What I have wanted to do is to set the tragic events of those few days of diplomacy in their proper place in the whole complex of international politics.

Among the notable events of the year 1913, one of the most important in its influence upon the national finances and constitutional development of the United States is the adoption of an amendment to the Federal Constitution giving Congress the power "to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States and without regard to any census or enumeration."

Hence, in such cases, there usually happens some unfortunate event or other, which occasions the interruption of the story.

At last I closed the window and turned in, but no sleep came to my eyes, so full was my mind of the startling events of those past few months and of that gruesome discovery I had made.

Although the battle was fought forty-five years ago, quite a number of men engaged in that historic event are still living in St. Paul, a number of them actively engaged in business.

This dreadful event occurred about forty years after that period of which we are now treating.

The battle of the Vimy Ridge [April 8th] is clearly going to be the second (the first was the German retreat on the Somme) of those "decisive events" determining this year the upshot of the war, to which the Commander-in-Chief, with so strong and just a confidence, directed the eyes of this country some three months ago.

Death is a glorious event to one going to Jesus.

With the tragical events just narrated, the storm of calamity seemed to have spent its force, and there were thenceforth plenty of days of calm and of sunshine for Charles Lamb.

But it was evident in later events that the conversation had had its effect upon the old man.

427 adjectives to describe  event