36 adjectives to describe expostulations

The whole royal family set up a howl of indignation at the appointment of Fouché; but it was deemed necessary to secure his services in order to maintain law and order, and the king remained firm against the earnest expostulations of his brother the Comte d'Artois, his niece the Duchesse d'Angoulême, and all the Royalists who had influence with him.

Thou knowest well that Zaida has loved thee long and true, Tho' her ancient lineage, Moorish knight, is more than is thy due, And thou knowest well the loud expostulations of my sire.

Where there has been no opposition to absolutism these rights have not been secured; but whenever and wherever the people have been a power they have imperiously made their wants known, and so far as they have been reasonable they have been finally secured,perhaps after angry expostulations and, disputations.

Soon there came another interruption, very different in tone from the mild expostulation of the studious Browse.

This eloquent expostulation against rejection of any of those ties and obligations imposed by birth and race is repeated again in the plea of Zarca to his daughter, when he urges that there is no life and joy for Fedalma apart from that race to which she belongs and those social conditions which gave her mind its characteristics.

"But you've made one," said his host, in tones of fierce expostulation.

"Just as you like," said Mr. Gibbs, turning a deaf ear to the frenzied expostulations of his financial backers.

Tisquantum regarded him calmly until he had exhausted his torrent of passionate expostulations, and then, quietly removing the pipe from his lips, he replied, with his and decision 'My brother is angry.

It is therefore impossible that he could have resisted a frank and fervent expostulation, the frankness and the fervour in which the whole soul is poured out.

The gewgaws clattered like castanets, as though in frantic expostulation, and the radiant spun-glass humming-birds quivered until we expected them to break from their elastic fetters and fly away.

After frequent expostulations upon the unreasonableness of my sorrow, and innumerable protestations of everlasting regard, he at last found that I was more affected with the loss of my innocence, than the danger of my fame, and that he might not be disturbed by my remorse, began to lull my conscience with the opiates of irreligion.

In most of these cases their regulations unfavorable to us have yielded to friendly expostulation and remonstrance.

He is of late somewhat less offensive; for one of his debtors, after gentle expostulations, by which he was only irritated to grosser outrage, seized him by the sleeve, led him trembling into the court-yard, and closed the door upon him in a stormy night.

I must apologise again for having been so tedious, but I am sure that the same friendliness on your part which has produced these hasty but well-meant expostulations will excuse them.

His indignant expostulations were met with a titter of suppressed laughter; he was roughly forced down upon his knees, and while in this position what seemed like two buckets of cold water were emptied over his devoted head.

she evidently thought that we had been filling our knapsacks with her nuts, and it took some little astonished expostulation on our part to convince her that we hadn't.

What is the full and sufficient declaration of the sense of the House on this most-momentous crisis, which is contained in this monitory expostulation to the throne?

" While they were engaged in this mutual expostulation, Alice, all-unconscious of the impending situation in the drama, was busy in her own room,for Mrs. Sandford had not yet decided how to break the news to her,and having an errand that led her to the street, she put on her cloak and hat and tripped lightly down-stairs.

A dress-rehearsal occupied the afternoon before the day of days, and the pathetic expostulations of the lovely Mary Mine all doth hangmy lifemy destiny Upon my wordsupon the force of tears!

His eyebrows went up in pleasant expostulation at the other's eagerness.

Harvey had spent many an hour with Teddy, in earnest, prayerful expostulation, but, thus far, to no purpose.

he exclaimed in rueful expostulation.

They walked for about a mile; and then, wearied with sad expostulation, the conversation fell, and at the end of a long silence Julia said 'I think we had better turn back.'

And if his eyebrows mounted as he read, if the corners of his mouth drew down, if once and again he uttered an "Oh! oh!" of shocked expostulation, he was (like most of us, incurably an actor in private as well as in public life) merely running through business which convention has designated as appropriate to such circumstances.

The basket was solemnly unlashed amid the amah's shrill expostulations, and the contents soon flowed out upon the floor of the examination-hut.

36 adjectives to describe  expostulations