117 adjectives to describe faring

At the supper table, whose scanty fare was well cooked, Uncle Pros and Johnnie had to tell again, and yet again, the story of that miraculous healing which both husband and wife could see was genuine.

"The cause, my children, I may say, Was joy, and not dejection; The Peach, which made you all so gay, Gave rise to this reflection: "It's many a mother's lot to share, Seven hungry children viewing, A morsel of the coarsest fare, As I this Peach was doing." CHUSING A NAME I have got a new-born sister; I was nigh the first that kiss'd her.

Thus blest in primal innocence they live, Sufficed and happy with that frugal fare Which tasteful toil and hourly danger give.

Drive quickly, and I'll pay double fare.

" After this exchange of pleasantries we took the road, and followed our guide across a great thorough-fare and into Kearney Street.

Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates, and men decay: Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade; A breath can make them, as a breath has made: But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied.

" Next day he brought delicious fare, and dressed In manner exquisite to please the eye, As well as taste; partridge and pheasant rich, A banquet for a prince.

His aid has been courted, he has received high wages in Confederate notes, he has found better fare and clothing than he could procure at home, and has been lured to the contest by the eloquent appeals of the planter, by bitter attacks upon the North, and glowing pictures of the ruin which the abolitionists would bring upon the South.

Soon, however, plenty teaches discretion; and, after wine has been for a few months their daily fare, they become more temperate than they had ever been in their own country.

Methinks thy bags and pouches are fat and lusty for such thin fare.

She set food before him, the plain fare of peasants, but willingly offered, and therefore full of refreshment for the soul as well as for the body.

Delicate fare loaded every dish; smiling companions invited to every festivity; perfumes caressed our nostrils; music enwrapped our ears.

At supper we see the family about the table, happy notwithstanding their scant fare, each child with a spoon in one hand and a book in the other.

If ever a sentiment of gratitude for undeserved favours animated the bosom of Perez Donilla, he took, it must be confessed, a strange method of declaring it; not only would he, upon his return from his lawless carousals, grumble over that humble fare, the possession of which at all he ought to have considered as scarce less than a miracle, but, in his madness, unmerciful strappings were sure to be the portion of his miserable wife.

But this is forbidden fruit, my lady; and it is not included in our wholesome prison-fare.

It is not the climate of England, as has so often been alleged, which gives them consumption, but the change to rich diet from the meagre fare which in the mountains they always receive.

As soon, therefore, as the necessary preparations were made, and Anna had partaken of the good substantial fare set before her, she begged to be allowed to retire to rest, as she was fatigued with her day's journey, and wished to set out again early the next morning.

There Scott went daily for a glass of something good, while Wordsworth's guest, and treated with the homely fare of the Grasmere cottage.

The keen bracing air, brilliant sunshine, and cloudless blue sky somewhat made amends for the sorry lodging and execrable fare provided by mine host at the Hôtel Prevôt.

And it was hard labour, and solid fare, that made the men of those times so much stronger, than those of the present generation.

If picnics are your pleasure, you can go to them at leisure, And lunch on sumptuous fare, And though maybe, perforce, you'll get lamb without mint sauce.

He was now chewing the cud of this intellectual fare.

There felt I first poor prisoner's hungry fare, Much want, things skant, and stone walls, hard and bare.

with what delightthe splendour of Clapham for the rough, plentiful fare of the new place.

The chieftains all enjoythe royal fare.

117 adjectives to describe  faring