249 adjectives to describe fated

But I, my husband seen no more, My sad and joyless fate deplore.

Occupied, as my thoughts were, with the scene I was about to witness, and with fears for its issue, they were often interrupted with remarks made in the crowd, in which Veenah's name or mine were mentionedsome lamenting her cruel fate, others pitying mine; but all condemning and execrating Shunah Shoo.

Some ingenious tar, whose name deserves a better fate than the oblivion into which it has fallen, attained this object by "arming" the bottom of the lead with a lump of grease, to which more or less of the sand or mud, or broken shells, as the case might be, adhered, and was brought to the surface.

Yes, he was glad to have saved any woman from so dreadful a fate.

And on the fate of either depended the immediate, and perhaps the ultimate, fate of Canada.

It has been said of old, that "surpassing beauty is often coupled with an unhappy fate."

All three are plunged into despair, and the brother and sister knowing each other's passion bemoan their hapless fate.

There was Captain Polson, for whom a tragic fate was waiting, and my old captain, Adam Stephen.

Mr. Walters made no attempt to conceal or extenuate the black page in Hill's past, but he asked the jury to believe that Hill had bitterly repented of his former crime, and would have continued to lead an honest life as Sir Horace Fewbanks's butler, if ill fate had not forged a cruel chain of circumstances to link him to his past life and drag him down by bringing him in contact with the accused man Birchill, whom he had met in prison.

But one night an evil fate befell him.

Consider the probable issue of the undertaking!You will see a few hapless wretches, and tell their condition to the inattentive world; perhaps perish yourself from contagion, before you have time to tell it; and leave your afflicted friends to lament your untimely fate, and the ungrateful Publick to deride your temerity!'

It had been a storekeeper, with a shop across the street, who had called the attention of Dave and his four comrades to the probable fate of another of their class.

The fated child grew in health and beauty; and as we are the most usually the more strongly attached to pleasures in proportion to the brevity of continuance, so did the melancholy fate of his son more firmly fix him in the heart of Sir Maurice.

But adverse fate had decreed a short duration to the tranquility of his lordship.

Removed by stern, inevitable fate.

She moved with the air of one who was utterly indifferent to the concerns of this world, and to the awful fate which awaited her.

" "We are all in the hands of inexorable fate; but let us talk no more.

At that instant, like bitter fate, shot up a rocket, or a star-flare of calcium light, bursting to expose all underneath in pitiless radiance.

It was not merely the gloom that intensified the horrors of the situation, or the ghastly traditions of the place, or the impending fate of our callous client; but there was a tier of shelves occupying the side of the apartment, on which were placed in dismal prominence the plaster-of-Paris busts of all the malefactors who had been hanged in Newgate for some hundred years.

while we have been junketting along from Southampton to Oxford, from Oxford to Windsor, and from Windsor to Southampton back again, such is the miserable fate of human kind!

When we believed him to be really gone we started up bemoaning our horrible fate, until the hall echoed with our despairing cries.

the day That thou shouldst perish, so ignobly too, And in my kingdom; what a wretched fate!

"' 'John Keats, who was killed off by one critique Just as he really promised something great If not intelligible, without Greek Contrived to talk about the gods of late, Much as they might have been supposed to speak. Poor fellow, his was an untoward fate!

If Marie Antoinette had herself expressed any wish to be her husband's partner in the solemnity, it would certainly have been complied with, and their subsequent fate would have been regarded as a confirmation of the evil augury.

The unfortunate fate of this enterprising prince was a severe blow to the patriot cause, and a cruel affliction to the Prince of Orange.

249 adjectives to describe  fated