25 adjectives to describe fig

Removing the large leaves which shaded the contents of the basket, she disclosed ripe figs and pomegranates, honeycomb and snow-white curd, lying close to each other in tempting array.

First, a quarter of a pint of Grenache was given to each guest on sitting down, then "hot eschaudés, roast apples with white sugar-plums upon them, roasted figs, sorrel and watercress, and rosemary.

First some bird-drops the seeds of the banian fig into crevices of the ramparts, and its insidious roots push their way and grow and grow into great tortuous snakes, embracing the massive blocks of basalt, heaving them up and holding them up, so that they cannot fall.

Serve with Spiced figs.

" "A fig tree having leaves," said Miss Harson, "should also have figs, for these, as I have already told you, appear before the leaves, and both are on the tree at the same time; so that, although unripe figs are seen without leaves, leaves should not be seen without figs; and if it was not yet the season for figs, it was not the season for leaves either.

Nat. 919.), and, penetrating the female fig, thus impregnated the flowers; for the evidence of this wonderful fact, see the word Caprification, in Milne's Botanical Dictionary.

At this moment an olive-skinned, black-eyed girl rose out of the shadow of a neighboring wall, and, lowering a basket from her head, filled with fruittawny figs, ruddy peaches, purple grapes, and russet-skinned medlars, shielded from the heat by a covering of freshly-picked vine-leavesoffered it to Enrica.

THE GARDEN OF ALCINOUS Without the court, and to the gates adjoined A spacious garden lay, fenced all around, Secure, four acres measuring complete, There grew luxuriant many a lofty tree, Pomgranate, pear, the apple blushing bright, The honeyed fig, and unctuous olive smooth.

Around him lofty trees spread their fruits to view; the pear, the pomegranate and the apple, the green olive and the luscious fig quivered before him, which, whenever he extended his hand to seize them, were snatched by the winds into clouds and obscurity.

As these trees bear some male and others female flowers, immured on all sides by the fruit, the manner of their fecundation was very unintelligible, till Tournefort and Pontedera discovered, that a kind of gnat produced in the male figs carried the fecundating dust on its wings, (Cynips Psenes Syst.

" Clara read slowly: "'One basket had very good figs, even like the figs that are first ripe; and the other basket had very naughty figs, which could not be eaten, they were so bad.'

de Science, that the summer figs of Paris, in Provence, Italy, and Malta, have all perfect stamina, and ripen not only their fruits, but their seed; from which seed other fig-trees are raised; but that the stamina of the autumnal figs are abortive, perhaps owing to the want of due warmth.

The poisoned 'Spanish fig' acquired considerable notoriety among the early Dramatists: cf.

Three or four good-sized figs, chopped quite fine, cooked with the raisins, gives an additional richness and thickness of juice.

In Lancashire fig-sue is made, a mixture consisting of sliced figs, nutmeg, ale, and bread.

The poisoned 'Spanish fig' acquired considerable notoriety among the early Dramatists: cf.

And e'en as, when a chariot-builder bends With practised skill his shafts of splintered fig, Hot from the fire, to be his axle-wheels; Flies the tough-rinded sapling from the hands That shape it, at a bound recoiling far: So from far-off the dread beast, all of a heap, Sprang on me, hungering for my life-blood.

Steamed figs make an excellent breakfast dish, and are considered much more wholesome then when used dry.

"It is a strong luxuriant tree, having a stem six feet diameter, whose base is much like the spurred bulb of a tropical fig."

a fig for &c (unimportant) 643; bah!, never mind!, away with!, hang it!, fiddlededee!, Phr. a dismal universal hiss, the sound of public scorn [Paradise Lost]; I had rather be a dog and bay the moon than such a Roman [Julius Caesar].

In the mind of the playwright figs grow from thistles, and a silk purseperhaps a Fortunatus' pursemay often be made from a sow's ear.

Closed in an azure fig by fairy spells, Bosom'd in down, fair CAPRI-FICA dwells; [Caprificus.

"Not in the way of refreshments, just at present," continued their governess, "but only as belonging to the mulberry family; and we will begin with that curious tree the banyan, or Indian fig.

Walking fast, he Had scarcely passed the First steps of his way, when he saw something nasty; 'Twas tall and big, And he saw from its rig 'Twas the Devil in full diabolical fig.

You might walk many a mile through the sal jungles without meeting fruit of any kind, save the dry and tasteless wild fig, or the sickly mhowa.

25 adjectives to describe  fig