76 adjectives to describe files

The replaced older file is renamed.

In double file a company of warriors succeed; The bold Aliatares come mounted on Arab steeds.

Should any squad have Nos. 2 and 3 blank files, No. 1 rear rank takes the place of No. 2 rear rank in making and breaking the stack; the stacks made or broken, he resumes his post.

Through this gap On and say nothing, lest a word, a breath, Bring down a winter's snow, enough to whelm The armed files that, night and day, were seen Winding from cliff to cliff in loose array, To conquer at Marengo.

The same slant-eyed men, in broken files, went scuffing over filthy stone, like wanderers lost in a tunnel.

A.A flat file bent, and sharpened at the end, makes an eligible scraper for the first stages; or a flat file sharpened at the end and used like a chisel for wood.

Should the solemn question arise as to how I knew that one of these young women was in the straw-bonnet line, another a milliner, a third a dress-maker, and so forth, I will answer it by stating that the left forefinger of the seamstress, long since vulcanized into a little file, furnishes the infallible sign which indicates the class.

Mr. Davis has secured some new facts about Mr. Lincoln's life in this period; he has unearthed in the official files of the county several new documents, and he has secured several unpublished portraits of interest.

At the command MARCH all files except the two right files of the leading squad execute IN PLACE HALT; the two left files of the leading squad oblique to the right when disengaged and follow the right files at the shortest practicable distance.

A tiny file, a skein of silk, can open prison-doors and set captives free; love's ingenuity will circumvent tyranny and fetters, in spite of all possible precautions.

So saying, on he led his radiant files, Dazling the Moon; as that Account of the Hymns which our first Parents used to hear them sing in these their Midnight Walks, is altogether Divine, and inexpressibly amusing to the Imagination.

Thus blithely sang Giles the Archer, above the tramp and jingle of the many pack-horses, until, being come to the top of a hill, he stood aside to let the ragged files swing by and stayed to look back at Garthlaxton Keep.

378-384, thus translated by Dryden: And as young striplings whip the top for sport, On the smooth pavement of an empty court, The wooden engine files and whirls about, Admir'd, with clamours, of the beardless rout; They lash aloud, each other they provoke, And lend their little souls at every stroke: Thus fares the Queen, and thus her fury blows Amidst the crowds, and trundles as she goes.]

"Now we're in Jeff Davis's land," Barney called out from one of the rear files, as the company reached midway in the bridge.

A nightingale files home.

I see the interminable file of phenomenal Cocks approaching, headed by the Peacock who comes to present them.

Now for a sharp file!

Nos file les gaulois.

CROSS, REUBEN R. Tying American trout lures; a practical guide to the production of dry files, wet flies, nymphs, and bucktails for pleasure and profit.

All at once, as he looked lazily along the lazy files of ice, his eyes caught a black object drifting on a fragment in a wide way of open water opposite Skerrett's Point, a mile distant.

In the most dreadful trepidation I entered between the hideous files, being well guarded by soldiers on either hand, and followed by the rest of the settlers; and there I indeed beheld my wife, my beloved Agnes, standing ready to receive me, with little William in her right hand, and a beautiful chubby daughter in her left, about two years old, and the very image of her mother.

Details of the participation of the United States Marines in the counter-attack of the allies against German forces on the Marne, July 18, are given in a letter written shortly afterward by Major Robert L. Denig, of the United States Marines, to his wife, in Philadelphia, and which had been forwarded to Washington for the historical files of the Marine Corps.

The reader who is hungry for fuller details in these matters is referred to the newspapers of the periodto the voluminous, indiscriminate files of the modern Recording Angel.

This writer alleged that AOL should have a duty to remove this newsgroup, since it carried so many infringing files, and that its failure to do so made it a contributory infringer, and so liable for the incredibly stiff penalties afforded by our newly minted copyright laws like the No Electronic Theft Act and the loathsome Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA.

Through the inky files of the coaling-coolies burst an alien and bewildered figure.

76 adjectives to describe  files