84 adjectives to describe finishing

Like most of his poems, it is marked by artistic finish and grace, and many of the lines have a natural beauty of unsought alliteration and assonance.

Although to Gutenberg are undoubtedly due all the main features of metal-type printing, yet we owe, perhaps, to the practical skill of Faust, and the taste of Schoeffer, who was an accomplished penman, the exquisite finish and perfection with which their first joint effort came forth to the world.

They are not to be compared in wit or elaborate finish with the brilliant letters of Courier; they have not the striking originality and terse vigor of those of De Maistre, but they have the grace of simple and pure feeling, and the worth of clear, manly, high-toned thought.

Though it falls far below the standard of Hakluyt, both in accuracy and literary finish, there is still plenty to make one glad that the book was written and that he can now comfortably follow Purchas on his pilgrimage.

BEER, ALICE B. The agreeable finish.

SEE Dutton, William S. Zelan durable repellent finish for fabrics.

Interior wall decoration; practical working methods for plain and decorative finishes, new & standard treatments.

If some of these effusions show a want of careful finish, it must be remembered that they were not written for publication, but for the sake of embodying the feeling of the occasion, in that form which naturally presented itself.

When we examine the minute detail and delicate finish of the pictures of Jan van Eyck, we see a reason why the sister should have been a miniaturist, and do not wonder that with such an example before her she should have excelled in this art.

It is true, here and there a few acres had been cleared on the firmer ground, at the margin of the flats, where barns and farm buildings had been built, and orchards planted; but, in order to preserve the harmony of his view, the captain had caused all the stumps to be pulled and burnt, giving to these places the same air of agricultural finish as characterized the fields on the lower land.

Realistic pathos may have its Dobbin or Tom Pinch, but the wild and whirling episodes of tushery demand the satisfactory finish hallowed by custom.

The men who fought out the plans to a triumphant finish were glad to recognise this perfection of staff work.

The flaming finish, by Max Brand, pseud.

The truth is, Nature attitudinizes a little, liking to make a neat finish with everything, and then to begin again with éclat.

That'll be the end of itthe bitter finish.

Malhar Rao built a superb palace at a cost of $1,500,000 which is considered the most perfect and beautiful example of the Hindu-Saracenic order of architecture in existence, and its interior finish and decoration are wonderful for their artistic beauty, detail and variety.

Then began the exciting finish, and if the Giants had made but a single more they probably would have begun the series with a victory instead of a defeat.

My means were very limited, so limited as to preclude the possibility of constructing an apparatus of such mechanical finish as to warrant my success in venturing upon its public exhibition.

The Journal cried: "Surrey's glorious finish."


The cool and beautiful floors, made of a composition in which all the prized marbles of Italy and of the East polished to the last degree of art, were curiously embedded, formed a suitable finish to a style so gorgeous, and in which luxury and taste were blended in equal profusion.

The latter would not only be contrary to his wishes but repugnant to his interest and convenience, as it would be the means of keeping him from the use and comforts of the house until a later day; and because the furniture and everything else must then be in accordance with its expensive finish, which would not agree with his present furniture, and he had no wish to be taxed to suit the taste of others.

| |Those of extra fine finish, $20.

"The king-times are fast finishing.

We first ketched a smack on the soles of our feet, and then that mill flew to a fiery finish.

84 adjectives to describe  finishing