40 adjectives to describe flickering

Mac bent down, shading his eyes from the faint flame flicker.

The man's life, seen in its true proportions, dwindled into the merest flicker of a match; he had such a little while to live, this Rudolph Musgrave!

De Chauxville saw by a little flicker of the eyelids that he had not missed his mark.

Far off in the night, a hundred yards or more up the road, leading to Grimes' cabin he saw the wobbling, uncertain flicker of a light wending its way like a will-o'-the-wisp through the night.

All were alike invisible to the Pontiff, who, with the dim flicker of his lamp, could no more discern Judaea wed with Egypt on the frescoed ceiling than, with the human limitation of his faculties, he could foresee that the ill-reputed rooms would one day harbour a portion of the Vatican Library, so greatly enriched by himself.

In such lines as the following (IV., 1) there is a little flickering of pathos: "Enough, good friend; no more.

Hobart and Turner were absent for some little while; the sound of their voices ceased, but the distant flicker of the lantern enabled West to trace their progress up the alley, and then back again.

He opened the stove door and from the bunk watched the faint flickerings of the dying firelight on the log walls.

Giulio Romano alone, by dint of robust energy and lurid fire of fancy flickering amid the smoke of his coarser nature, achieved a triumph in this line of labour.

London was getting stale and tired, and the last feverish flickers of the exhausted season alternated with a kind of languor in which nobody bothered much about anybody else's affairs.

I can best describe the passage of day and night, at this period, as a sort of gigantic, ponderous flicker.

An irresistible flicker of laughter twitched his wrinkles and bubbled in his throat.

To penetrate the dark mystery of the forest with only this little lightalready flickering outwould probably result in becoming lost herself.

She knew that not only her uncle's days, but that his very hours, were numbered; and that, notwithstanding this momentary flickering of the lamp, in consequence of fresh oil being poured into it, the wick was nearly consumed, and that it must shortly go out, let Roswell's success be what it might.

There was still an occasional flicker of lightning and mutter of thunder and the darkness remained heavy.

" For four days we were anxiously watching for some indications of a breeze, but were so frequently deceived with "cat's paws," and the occasional slight flickering of the dog vane, that we sank into listless resignation.

It was a close, dark night that had only phantom flickerings of sheet lightning to illuminate it.

This is a comfortable chamber, with an oak wainscot; and whenever in summer months the air is sharp enough, as on the present occasion, a fire helped to light it up; which fire, being chiefly wood, made a pleasant broad flicker on panel and ceiling, and yet did not make the room too hot.

I can best describe the passage of day and night, at this period, as a sort of gigantic, ponderous flicker.

" My acting must have been good, for I could have sworn I saw a faint expression of relieved contempt flicker across McMurtrie's face.

Something in the keen eyes of the lad raised a responsive flicker in his own.

A sardonic flicker that was scarcely a smile touched his face.

A sharp slap on the cheek with the wet towel produced a sensible flicker of the eyelids; a similar slap on the chest was followed by a slight gasp.

But these fancies, if they were fancies, might well seem the last sickly flickerings of an old-world order now finally wounded to the death.

As he left the stable-yard, he was whistling light-heartedly, and Phipps glanced at a colleague with a slight flicker of one eyelid.

40 adjectives to describe  flickering