158 adjectives to describe fold

In some places the crystal decorations are arranged in graceful flowing folds deeply plicated like stiff silken drapery.

She had an umbrella, but her cloak was dripping with moisture and in its ample folds was something huddled and bundled up like a baby, which she carefully protected.

" What an exquisite idea of stillness is conveyed in the oft-quoted line from Gray's "Elegy:" "And drowsy tinklings lull the distant fold.

The rivers of the north half of the range are still less subject to sudden floods, because their upper fountains in great part lie protected from the changes of the weather beneath thick folds of lava, just as many of the rivers of Alaska lie beneath folds of ice, coming to the light farther down the range in large springs, while those of the high Sierra lie on the surface of solid granite, exposed to every change of temperature.

The mountain banners of the crimson dogwood, red maple, yellow hickory and chestnut flout the skyas though all the nations of the world had met in one great federation underneath the azure dome not built with hands, and clashed together there the variegated banners which once led them to warnow beckoning in with waving silken folds the thousand years of peace!

The black Flemish cloak she wore hung round her in straight, thick folds.

Yussuf Dakmar had walked straight into temptation, and was trying to search Jeremy's pockets from the rearno easy matter, for he had to discover them first in the loose folds of the Arab costume.

Finally the head of Bill Campbell was laid on a double fold of blanket in lieu of a pillow.

No golden serpents then twisted their voluminous folds across the entire breadth of the room; nor did richly-carved cods' heads and shoulders, under the denomination of dolphins, or glittering spread eagles, with a brass ring in their mouths, support fenestral draperies, which rival the display of a Waterloo-house calico-vender.

" "No, no!" said Madame Delphine, looking up quickly, "some of it might fall upon"Her eyes fell, and she commenced biting her lips and nervously pinching little folds in her skirt.

The tapestries and curtains hung in careless folds, the beds admitted of sleep, and the pictures were delicate copies by the pencil of some youthful amateur, whose leisure had been exercised in this gentle and feminine employment.

From the mysterious folds of the friar's sleeves a letter instantly emerged.

It happened once, within a shady wood, Two twisted snakes he in conjunction viewed; When with his staff their slimy folds he broke, And lost his manhood at the fatal stroke.

Thereafter, opening a little her purple robe, she showed me, clasped in her arms against her ravishing breast, the very counterpart of the youth I loved, wrapped in the transparent folds of a Grecian mantle, and revealing in the lineaments of his countenance pangs that were not unlike those I suffered.

The ears of moderate length, set on low and hanging in neat folds close to the cheek; the tip should be velvety, the upper part clothed with fine silky hair.

And the Monster did look as ever, unto the Pyramid; and did be a great and silent Hill of Life that did lean toward the Pyramid; and the light from the Ring came downward upon the monstrous hide, which did be set in vast folds and wrinkles upon it.

The inner coat of a large part of the small intestine is thrown into numerous transverse folds called valvulæ conniventes.

Not on one foot of land under the broad folds of Columbia's banner, can the slave say, "I am free!"

The collar, then, was so large, that in its natural condition it rose high above the wearer's head, and some ingenuity was required to reduce it by delicate folds to exactly that height which the Beau judged to be correct.

As she entered the drawing-room, the great bunches of white azalea, which her mother had brought from the swamps, caught her eye; she threw down the pearls, and broke off rapid dusters of the queenly flowers, touching the backward-curling hyacinthine petals, and caressingly passing her finger down the pale purple shadow of the snowy folds.

LIPS, FLEWS, AND DEWLAPIn front the lips fall squarely, making a right-angle with the upper line of the foreface, whilst behind they form deep, hanging flews, and, being continued into the pendent folds of loose skin about the neck, constitute the dewlap, which is very pronounced.

The night air struck home, and made him shiver, for he had just tumbled out from between the snug folds of his blanket; but this was a time when delay might mean the complete wiping out of the camp.

When not a breath responded to the call, And Seamen whistled to the winds in vain; When the loose canvass droop'd in lazy folds, And idle pennants dangled from the mast; There, in that trying moment, thou wert found To teach the hardest lesson man can learn Passive enduranceand the breeze has sprung, As if obedient to the voice of Song:

(Though Prussian hirelings throng each street) Is safe beneath thy starry folds!

His ruddy face hung in flabby folds, his knees knocked together, his voice seemed half extinguished in his throat.

158 adjectives to describe  fold