50 adjectives to describe fronds

Five of these are from Waters' "Ferns" by permission of Henry Holt & Co. As the indusium, which often determines the name of a fern, is apt in some species to wither early, it is important to secure for study not only a fertile frond, but one in as good condition as possible.

Fruit in a one-sided spike in two ranks; plants very small; sterile fronds thread-like and tortuous.

At her feet the giant maidenhair raised its delicate fronds till they touched her cheek.

They are best seen in their proper home, buoyed up by the water, and spreading out their broad coloured fronds, or long waving threads.

Every little fern-frond has its seed.

Very slowly he limped across the open space, crying with the pain he felt at every step; but when he reached the bed of ferns he all at once saw, sitting among the tall fronds on a stone, a strange-looking woman in a green dress, who was gazing very steadily at him with eyes full of love and compassion.

Indusium broad, nearly continuous, fronds mostly smooth, somewhat leathery, pinnate.

There were many palms, both the burity with its stiff fronds like enormous fans, and a handsome species of bacaba, with very long, gracefully curving fronds.

(1) Sporangia on a continuous line; fronds large, ternate; indusium narrow.

Fertile pinnæ on separate fronds, which are contracted and covered with brown sporangia.

Colour of rachis and pinnules, delicate yellowish white above; of rachis, light brown, inferiorly; polypidom about two inches high, rising in several straight simply pinnulated fronds from a common centre; pinnules ascending about 1/4 inch.

And when the palm began to think about thirst a fit of trembling went through its high stem, and the innumerable fronds of its long leaves curled up as if held over a fire.

Cells separate, each connected with six others by short tubes; disposed in a horizontal plane, and forming a continuous irregular frond; free, or partially adnate.

I recollect, amid the endless variety of objects, Film-ferns of various delicate species, some growing in the moss tree-trunks, some clasping the trunk itself by horizontal lateral fronds, while the main rachis climbed straight up many feet, thus embracing the stem in a network of semi-transparent green Guipure lace.

Every little fern-frond has its seed.

Man, who looks down upon them in our own latitude, and tramples them under his feet, looks in that region far above his head, and beholds their magnificent fronds spread out like a great tent between him and the heavens.

The filmy ferns are small, delicate plants with membranaceous, finely dissected fronds from slender, creeping rootstocks.

In this part of the world we know the Ferns only as a low herbaceous tribe of plants, consisting of mere fronds rising out of the ground.

On the rare occasions when they are received, a member of the family (one of the sons, or a brother-in-law who has "studied in Algeria") usually acts as interpreter; and perhaps it is as well that no one from the outer world should come to remind these listless creatures that somewhere the gulls dance on the Atlantic and the wind murmurs through olive-yards and clatters the metallic fronds of palm-groves.

It is all jagged with the brown butts of its old fallen leaves; and among the butts perch broad-leaved ferns, and fleshy Orchids, and above them, just below the plume of mighty fronds, the yellow fox's brush, which is its spathe of flower.

It proved, on examination, that every twig had on the leeward side a dense row of miniature fronds or fern-leaves executed in snow, with a sharply defined central nerve, or midrib, and perfect ramification, tapering to a point, and varying in length from half an inch to three inches.

The lower pinnæ pinnately parted into three to five divisions, those of the fertile fronds oblong or linear-oblong; those of the sterile, obovate or ovate, crenulate, decurrent at the base.

Small, mottled tiger lilies blazed among the pale young fronds of growing bracken: the air was scented with wild roses and the spicy fragrance of manzanita treesthe breath of California.

A fine species, growing in loosely-branched phytoid fronds, to a height of several inches.

One of the smaller divisions of a pinnatifid frond.

50 adjectives to describe  fronds