6 adjectives to describe fulfil

But if within the trusting heart Goodness and innocence have part; If we God's holy law fulfil, And bow submissive to his will, Then shall the heart, like some sweet flow'r, That's lightly pluck'd from beauty's bow'r, And rudely crush'd beneath the feet, Yield fragrance far more pure and sweet Than when in sunshine and the dew, A fair and beauteous flow'r it grew, The Old Castle.

This infinite love fulfils itself between souls far removed by time and space; across the centuries it unites the thoughts of the living and the dead; weaves close and chaste ties between old and young hearts; through it, friend is nearer to friend, the child is closer in spirit to the old man than are husband or wife in the whole course of their lives.

Oh, who else, Who else the minutest lineament fulfils Of this my cherished portrait?

Does a person, who recites by mistake, an office other than that prescribed fulfil his obligation?

With ease thou canst thy sacred task fulfil; For nowhere doth benignity, which comes In human form from heaven, so quickly gain An empire o'er the heart, as where a race, Gloomy and savage, full of life and power, Without external guidance, and oppress'd With vague forebodings, bear life's heavy load.

For though thou gladly wouldst fulfil The same kind office for me still, Thy sight now seconds not thy will, My Mary!

6 adjectives to describe  fulfil