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125 adjectives to describe  gales

125 adjectives to describe gales

Many weeks had they been detained by the westerly gales, and our vessel amongst the rest.

The wind usually disperses them; they rarely take a long flight, except impelled by a violent gale.

It stated that an easterly gale and snowstorm raged about the Newfoundland coast and the thermometer was very low.

Last night another dreadful gale, as severe as any since we have been out.

We had, in singular succession, dead calms and fresh breezes, stiff gales and sudden squalls; saw sharks, flying-fish, and dolphins; spoke several vessels: had a visit from Neptune when we crossed the Line, and were compelled to propitiate his favour with some gallons of spirits, which he seems always to find a very agreeable change from sea water; and touched at Table Bay and at Madagascar.

The ducks and geese vanished, driving southward ahead of the fierce autumn gales, and only the late broods of hardy eiders were left for a little season.

And both these effects are of equal use to human life; for the mind of man is like the sea, which is neither agreeable to the beholder nor the voyager, in a calm or in a storm, but is so to both when a little agitated by gentle gales; and so the mind, when moved by soft and easy passions or affections.

Longstone is a desolate rock, swept by the northern gales; and woe betide the ship driven on its pitiless shores!

Nothing else seemed so important, yet I was not without anxiety for the lovely and delicate woman wandering the snow-covered roads in the teeth of a furious gale, any more than I was dead to the fact that I should never forgive myself if I allowed the man to escape whom I believed to be hiding somewhere in the rear of this house.

Lanyard thought it quite likely that she was; before she was out of the Channel the Sybarite was contesting a moderate gale from the Southwest.

On Sunday, September 23d, a brisk gale sprung up west-northwest, with a rolling sea, such as the people had wished for.

William's army began to grow discouraged and averse to the enterprise, which the very elements thus seemed to fight against; though, in reality, the northeast wind, which had cooped them so long at the mouth of the Dive, and the western gale, which had forced them into St. Valery, were the best possible friends to the invaders.

The late autumnal gales revealed the fact that the sole means of ventilation had been so nicely contrived that whoever came in or went out admitted a hurricane of draught that nearly knocked him down.

THE PHEASANT-HEN Wild as a tree-bough in a southerly gale, I tremble, flutter, spend myself in motion, till a vast languor overtakes me CHANTECLER

You cannot hear the sea, and it isn't time for the equinoctial gale.

"Thank you, my dear master," said Ariel; "but give me leave to attend your ship home with prosperous gales, before you bid farewel to the assistance of your faithful spirit; and then, master, when I am free, how merrily I shall live!"

A dreadful tempest ensued, which for two nights and two days tossed them about, but the third day the weather cleared, and they had hopes of a favourable gale to carry them to Ithaca; but as they doubled the Cape of Malea, suddenly a north wind arising, drove them back as far as Cythera.

The storm, which had been brewing so long, had come at last, and the wind was blowing a little gale from south-east.

Contrary winds, constant gales, and violent storms, made our hearts fail from fear.

I speak of love, my Sylla, and of joy, To see how fortune lends a pleasant gale Unto the spreading sails of thy desires; And, loving thee, must counsel thee withal:

O, God speed, &c. Cold and bleak are our mountains and chilling our winds, But warm as the soft southern gales Be the hands and the hearts which the hunted one finds, 'Mong our hills and our own winter vales.

Yes, yes, believe them when they tell thee so, For thou art present wheresoe'er I go. 'If to far India's coast we sail, Thy eyes are seen in diamonds bright; Thy breath is Afric's spicy gale, Thy skin is ivory so white.

May your sails be swelled with propitious gales!

A northerly gale will land us at the "Blowing-stone" and the old White House of Berkshire with less labour than it takes to walk a mile.

The hawthorn whitens; and the juicy groves Put forth their buds, unfolding by degrees, Till the whole leafy forest stands displayed In full luxuriance to the sighing gales, Where the deer rustle through the twining brake, And the birds sing concealed.

The sea came at us in great ocean swells, but the stout bark fought a passage through them, shivering with each blow, yet driven forward on her course by half-reefed sails, standing hard as boards in the sweep of the steady gale.

Only the open windows, the bitter north-easterly gale, and the heavily falling snowtwo silent accomplices, as silent as the dead.

The next startler was a message from Irkutsk stating that a terrific gale was breaking down from the northa recoil from the one just describedaccompanied with sixty degrees of actual frost, making it impossible to live out of doors.

225 No spicy nutmeg scents the vernal gales, Nor towering plaintain shades the mid-day vales; No grassy mantle hides the sable hills, No flowery chaplet crowns the trickling rills; Nor tufted moss, nor leathery lichen creeps 230 In russet tapestry o'er the crumbling steeps.

A sudden gale set in, and in a very short time the sea became lashed into a fury.

We made the island about 10 A.M. of the next morning, and were well in towards the shore when we were caught by one of the sudden southwesterly gales which are the terror of the Mediterranean, and more dangerous than a full-grown Atlantic gale.

The night-wind began to blow soon after dark; at first only a gentle breathing, but increasing toward midnight to a rough gale that fell upon my leafy roof in ragged surges like a cascade, bearing wild sounds from the crags overhead.

The Master being a wise fellowe, and a good sayler, beganne to deuise howe to escape the danger, and to loose litle of our way: and while both he, and all of vs were in our dumps, God sent vs a merry gale of winde, that we ranne threescore and tenne leagues before it was twelue a clocke the next day, and in sixe dayes after we were seuen leagues past Zante.

Harke you, Madam, the sweet gale of one Clarences breath, with this his paper sayle blowes me hether.

The general sorrows of the human race: The churlish gales of penury, that blow Cold as the north-wind o'er a waste of snow, 505 To them the gentle groups of bliss deny That on the noon-day bank of leisure lie.

The blaze on the hearth was cheering after the icy gale without.

"] Heavy wooden shutters dulled the noise of the boisterous gale outside.

I see the jaunty hat, the plume Swerve bird-like in the joyous gale, The cheeks lit up to burning bloom, The young eyes sparkling through the veil.

The isle, however, is finely situate off the Atlantic, fanned and swept by healthy gales, and the prisoners suffer only seclusion from the Continent.

Horrors like these at first alarm, But soon with savage grandeur charm, And raise to noblest thought the mind: Thus by the fall, Lodore, reclined, The craggy cliff, impendent wood, Whose shadows mix o'er half the flood, The gloomy clouds which solemn sail, Scarce lifted by the languid gale.

To Him, ye vocal gales, Breathe soft, whose spirit in your freshness breathes.

Ah, many a rude, tempestous gale, Perchance, may rend thy little sail, Ere thou wilt reach that blissful shore, Where loving friends have gone before.

Now night, that pour'd upon her hollow gale 25 The moan of death, withdrew her mournful veil; The sun rose lovely from the sleeping flood, And morning glitter'd o'er the field of blood; Where bath'd in gore, Peruvia's vanquish'd train Lay cold and senseless on the sanguine plain.

The enemies of the North, more savage than Goth or Vandal, mounting the swift gales of a Russian winter, had carried death, desolation, and ruin, to the very gates of Paris.

There doth the maiden watch her lover's sail 250 Approaching, and upbraid the tardy gale; At midnight listens till his parting oar, And its last echo, can be heard no more.

[f] Yet still one gen'ral cry[g] the skies assails, And gain and grandeur load the tainted gales: Few know the toiling statesman's fear or care, Th' insidious rival, and the gaping heir.

From this, and the experience of other navigators, it appears that rotatory gales are prevalent in the Pacific as well as in the Indian Ocean.

Awake for them the clear-toned gale of song, and if old wine be best, yet among songs prefer the newer flowers.

One of his majesty's frigates being at anchor on a winter's night, in a tremendous gale of wind, the ground broke, and she began to drive.

We therefore made up our minds to stay, hoping the next day would be more favorable; but Friday, Christmas Day, came with a most violent northeast gale and snowstorm.

155 Thy fragrant gales and lute-resounding streams, Breathe o'er the failing soul voluptuous dreams; While Slavery, forcing the sunk mind to dwell On joys that might disgrace the captive's cell, Her shameless timbrel shakes along thy marge, 160 And winds between thine isles the vocal barge.

We know you are able, And every way a wise Prince fitt for counsell; But I must tell ye, Sir, and tell ye truly, The Soldier has so blowne ye up, so swelld ye And those few services you call your owne, That now our commendations are too light gales, Too slacke and emptie windes, to move your worthes; And trumpets of your owne tongue and the Soldiers Now onely fill your sailes.

When two nights out from Gibraltar a sharp summer gale overtook the fleet.

Assure thy self Charino, I am alter'd From what I was; the tempests we have met with In our uncertain voyage, were smooth gales Compar'd to those, the memory of my lusts Rais'd in my Conscience: and if ere again I live to see Zenocia, I will sue, And seek to her as a Lover, and a Servant, And not command affection, like a Tyrant.

During snowy gales it is almost necessary to dress oneself in wind clothes if one ventures outside for the briefest periodsexposed woollen or cloth materials become heavy with powdery crystals in a minute or two, and when brought into the warmth of the hut are soon wringing wet.

But I proceeded moderately, lodged the first night at Boulogne-sur-Mer, crossed to Dover in a severe southwest gale, and passed the next night at Canterbury, and the next day came to London.

Gentlemen, having passed through the ordeal of an earnest life, with the prospect of yet having to steer through stormy gales, it is natural that, while I grasp my helm, I gaze at History, as my compass.

We had had most tremendous weather, successive gales of foul wind, from north and north-east.

In other words, the governments of which these beasts were symbols owed their origin to movements among the people which would be well represented by the sea lashed into foam by the sweeping gale; they arose by the upheavals of revolution, and through the strife of war.

Like the proud eagle soaring to the skies, Intent "the topmost arch" of heaven to scale, When heeding naught that would oppose its rise, It breaks with fearless nerve the tempest-gale And spreads its wings like a majestic sail, Full on the bosom of the raging blast, Thy spirit soar'dbut ah!

Ah, many a rude, tempestous gale, Perchance, may rend thy little sail, Ere thou wilt reach that blissful shore, Where loving friends have gone before.

Powerful as Great Britain is, she could not blockade them; with our hazardous shores and tempestuous northwest gales, from November to March, all the navies in the world could not blockade them.

For four days we have been unable to leave the tentthe gale howling about us.

Oh! when the bitter showers her path assail, And roars between the hills the torrent gale, 1793. ...

I knew that it must be an uncommon gale from the way Commodore Strossi studied the charts, and because even his wife, for whom the yacht was named, was ill, and she had spent half her life on the sea.

Towards the smoke, Unus and his sister continued to paddle, and, after thirty-six hours of nearly unremitted labour, they succeeded in landing at the volcano, ignorant of its nature, awe-struck and trembling, but compelled to seek a refuge there, as the land-bird rests its tired wing on the ship's spars, when driven from the coast by the unexpected gale.

It has been supposed to have been pursued with the most inflexible constancy, and, like a skiff, when it sails along the meandering course of a river, finally to have turned to account the most untoward gales.

Ages have flown,the vagrant gales Have swept that lonely land; the flowers Have nodded to the breeze; the vales, Long, long, have sheltered in their bowers, The forest minstrels; and the race Of mastodons hath come and gone;

So from his glassy horns, and pearly eyes, The diamond-beetle darts a thousand dyes; Mounts with enamel'd wings the vesper gale, 240 And wheeling shines in adamantine mail.

A gust of increasing wind whipped back to Maclaren, for the wind-shield had been opened so that the driver need not look through the dripping glass and mingling with the wet gale were snatches of singing.

"Just a little fireworks, as a send-off, Major," said he, notching the speed ahead, ever ahead, till a whipping gale began to beat in at the broken pane.

The climate was so fickle, that the clearness of the skies was not to be depended on, especially with a strong south-west winda little gale, in fact; and a change in this particular might be produced at any moment.

A wanderer these many years, I have often seen the stony roof of the hospice with as much pleasure as I have ever beheld the entrance of my haven, when an adverse gale was pressing against my canvass.

To Him, ye vocal gales, Breathe soft, whose spirit in your freshness breathes.

who with her amorous gales Kissing the violets, each stray sweet exhales Of May-thorn, and the wild flower on the heath.

not I. She will see the sailor's hardened palms Curbing the toiling sails, She will faint beneath the tropic calms And face the angry gales.

Behind this cluster of the Hermits it was that Stimson advised his officer to take refuge against the approaching gale, of which the signs were now becoming obvious and certain.

Soon as Almagro heard applauding fame 115 The triumphs of Peruvia, loud proclaim, Unconquer'd Chili's vale he swift forsakes, And his bold course to distant Cusco takes; Shuns Andes' icy shower, its chilling snows, The arrowy gale that on its summit blows; 120 A burning desart undismay'd he past, And meets the ardours of the fiery blast.

The sailor gave him an account of his adventures on the voyage; how he was drawn off from the ship one day, several miles, by a whale which they had harpooned;how they caught a shark, and hauled him in on deck by means of a pulley at the end of the yard-arm;and how, on the voyage home, the ship was driven before an awful gale of wind for five days, under bare poles, with terrific seas roaring after them all the way.

What youthful bride can equal her array? Who can with her for easy pleasure vie? From mead to mead with gentle wing to stray, From flower to flower on balmy gales to fly, Is all she has to do beneath the radiant sky.

IV. See the god of seas attends thee, Nymphs divine, a beauteous train: All the calmer gales befriend thee In thy passage o'er the main: Every maid her locks is binding, Every Triton's horn is winding, Welcome to the watery plain.

Soft o'er the surface creep the lustres pale Tracking with silvering path the changeful gale.

As the Florentine in the Inferno saw the souls of unfortunate lovers borne upon a whirlwind, so have I seen all things fair and precious,outpourings of wealth,all the talents,all the offerings of duty and devotion,angelic graces of person and of soul,borne and swept violently around on the circular gale.

Strong and continued gales commonly force themselves down into the deep basin, and push their way, against all resistance, into every crevice of the rocks; but a power less than this, rarely succeeds in favoring the bark with the same breeze, from the entrance to the outlet of the Rhone.

Thursday, March 29.Since the 21st we have had a continuous gale from W.S.W. and S.W.

After passing through the strait we experienced so much bad weather and contrary gales of wind that we did not arrive at Port Jackson until the morning of the 12th, having been absent thirty-five weeks and four days.

What though upon a wintry sea our life bark sails, What though we tremble 'neath its cruel gales, Its icy blast; We see a happy port lie far before, We see its shining waves, its sunny shore, Where we shall wander, and forget the troubled past, At last.

The captain of the vessel, having dragged him on board, is represented as addressing himself thus, to the steersman: "Haul in the tackle, hoist aloft the sail, Then take your helm, and watch the doubtful gale!

Last night another dreadful gale, as severe as any since we have been out.

In earth's broad temple where we stand, Fanned by the eastern gales that brought us, We hold the missal in our hand, Bright with the lines our Mother taught us; Where'er its blazoned page betrays The glistening links of gilded fetters, Behold, the half-turned leaf displays Her rubric stained in crimson letters!

Not for the brightness of a mortal wreath, Not for a place 'midst kingly minstrels dead, But that, perchance, a faint gale of Thy breath, A still small whisper, in my song hath led One struggling spirit upwards to Thy throne,

This manoeuvre excited disagreeable suspicions in the minds of several on board, for the lawless character of their pilot had been more than suspected in the course of their short acquaintance, and the coast towards which they were furiously rushing known to be iron-bound, and, in such a gale fatal to all who came rudely upon its rocks.

A favorable gale wafted us on for some time, but a slight storm coming on, the cowardly captain ran us into a creek, and kept us tossing all the night in his open boat.

On the trip home, across the Atlantic, the steamer in a fearful gale was so dismantled as to be helpless.

[T] shining on her gloomy way, The half-seen form of Twilight roams astray; Shedding, through paly loop-holes mild and small, Gleams that upon the lake's still bosom fall; 295 Soft o'er the surface creep those lustres pale Tracking the motions of the fitful gale.

Then they crowded sail, and beat the old sea, and forth they went with a forward gale; sad for fore-past losses, yet glad to have escaped at any rate; till they came to the isle where ร†olus reigned, who is god of the winds.

We sea-animals are sometimes rich and sometimes poor, as the wind happens to blow, and of late I have been driven to struggle with foul gales and troubled waves.

that bright day was soon overpowered by the gloomy clouds of despotism, brought back to our sunny sky by the freezing gale of Russian violence.

The ships, damaged in frequent gales, had been repaired, the flag-ship having especially suffered the loss of her rudder, as we have already mentioned.

New life, new vigor, arises within us, as we walk abroad and feel the genial gales of April breathe upon us; and our hopes, our wishes, awaken with the revival of the vegetable world.