52 adjectives to describe gamblers

One night, after he had returned from a scouting expedition, he took a hand in a game of poker, and in the course of the game he became involved in a quarrel with Dave Tutt, a professional gambler, about a watch which he had won from Tutt, who would not give it up.

Indians are inveterate gamblers, and will sometimes go on until they lose horses, bows, blankets, robes, and, in short, their whole personal property.

"A reckless gambler is a man whose conduct cannot be relied on.

And when the ascetic was seated and refreshed, the mighty-armed Yudhishthira sat by him, and looking up at the former, addressed him thus in exceedingly piteous accents: "'O holy one, summoned by cunning gamblers skilled at dice, I have been deprived of wealth and kingdom through gambling.

Gilbert found that he had been leading a life of reckless extravagance, and was a notorious gambler.

All the same, the old fellow's a bold gambler and is perhaps willing to speculate on the chance of getting out of his embarrassments.

Who else, save him that is a desperate gambler, would play, giving up kingdom and everything including even myself, in order to lead a life in the woods?

One meets rich men at times who seem to be merely lucky gamblers, who strike one as just the thousandth man in a myriad of wild plungers, who are, in fact, chance nobodies washed up by an eddy.

He had become apparently a hopeless gambler.

And Bhima's daughter spake unto them saying, "Do ye cry in every realm and in every assembly, 'O beloved gambler, where hast thou gone cutting off half of my garment, and deserting the dear and devoted wife asleep in the forest?

Liberty was obtained by the payment of considerable sums in the way of fines and costs, and although the event took place some years ago, the way in which the inexperienced gambler escaped, while his more hardened and experienced friends were caught, is still a constant source of merriment among officers and passengers.

You have made the winning move and it remains only for me to pay my debts like an honest gambler.

One day a complaint was lodged with our business chiefs that one of the clerks had been gambling, was an habitual gambler in fact.

The class-conscious gambler, by Ruth McKenney.

Now it flashed into the mind of Sinclair that it must be a pair of crooked gamblers working on some fat purse in the hotel, come out here to arrange plans because they failed to extract the bank roll as quickly as they desired.

We have seen Selwyn in many points of view, not all very creditable to him; first, expelled from Oxford for blasphemy; next, a professed gambler and the associate of men who led fashion in those days, it is true, but then it was very bad fashion; then as a lover of hangmen, a wit and a lounger.

Frenzied gamblers of the Stock Exchange have no more use for the dead cocks than have Mexicans for the real birds when they get the fatal gaff.

As you directed, I went to Dhanamittra and told him, from you: 'You must go to the king, and say, "The magic purse so lately restored has again been stolen by one whom I regarded as a frienda certain gambler, the husband of the actress Râgamanjari.

And both these all-pervading facts combined to force him against his will into this anomalous position of gentlemanly gambler, which suited neither his temperament nor his principles.

He was, like Gerald, a gambler, greedy for money he had not earned, and she thought about the story Kit had told.

At the time I left General McArthur fully established his office as Provost Marshal General, and was organizing one by one the various bureaus connected with it, all with United States military officers in charge; the Provost Court was in daily session, sentencing gamblers and persons guilty of petty disturbances, and a military commission had just been ordered to try a Chinaman accused of burglary.

Probably there will always, as long as the present financial basis of society lasts, be outbursts of speculation in which a greedy public will rush madly after certain classes of stocks and shares, with the result that a few cool-headed or lucky gamblers will be able to live happily ever after as country gentlemen, and transmit comfortable fortunes to their descendants for all time.

That was why people revered the saints, acclaimed the cavalier, and admired the big-hearted gambler who was ready to stake his fortune on the turn of a card.

Raymond of Antioch was no longer the idle gambler he had shown himself in the camp of the emperor John; but though he was now distinguished by his courage and skill in arms, he was completely defeated, and the imperial army carried its ravages up to the very walls of Antioch, while the fleet laid waste the coast.

After all, it ought to be wished that Mountjoy should become the elder son,even Mountjoy, the incurable gambler.

52 adjectives to describe  gamblers