66 adjectives to describe gangs

Undoubtedly a little gang of men makes the deals, handles the money.

He was believed then to be one of a clever gang of international thieves.

BOWER, B. M. The dry ridge gang.

'So ye wud jist gang to yer aunt's for yer supper, efter a'?' 'Ay!

" "If ye gang, I'll gang too," said the bedesman.

"The subscribers, Don Jose Ruiz, and Don Pedro Montez, in gratitude for their most unhoped for and providential rescue from the hands of a ruthless gang of African bucaneers and an awful death, would take this means of expressing, in some slight degree, their thankfulness and obligation to Lieut.

Some unruly gang among them wouldn't wait, and forced matters.

It was plain that we had to deal with an organised gang of criminals.

"We had got up to nearly opposite 155th street by this time and some of the less experienced members of the jolly gang were commencing to worry that they would never see Broadway again and stationed a lookout in the bow to find Albany.

Worked on the section, then I belong to the extra gang.

Where did this ship and its precious gang of cutthroats come from, anyway?" "Meaning me?" "Oh, meaning you too, for all I know," he shrugged wearily.

The royal authority was openly and publicly disowned in the western districts: the Archbishop of St. Andrew's, after more than one hairbreadth escape, was waylaid, and barbarously murdered by an armed gang of fanatics on Magus Muir; and his daughter was wounded and maltreated while interceding for the old man's life.

He was the wealthy owner of a considerable gang of negroes, whom he drove constantly, fed sparingly, and lashed severely.

The Sheltons: America's bloodiest gang.

They became one of the most industrious and orderly gangs in the parish.

Another peculiarity is, that the men and women work in separate gangs.

Again he made his escape, and soon afterwards he organized a desperate gang of outlaws who infested the country north of the Union Pacific railroad, and when the stages began to run between Cheyenne and Deadwood, in the Black Hills, they robbed the coaches and passengers, frequently making large hauls of plunder.

It could be no other than "Brick" Simpson, the redoubtable leader of a redoubtable gang.

"It is a wise precaution to give all hooligan gangs a very wide berth at this time of night.

'All the siller in the hoose maun gang for the rent, and it's due on Setterday.

In fact, it was Strachan's opinion that the Wrykyn team that summer was about the most hopeless gang of deadbeats that had ever made exhibition of itself on the school grounds.

"Well, then, I was the one who did the refusin'the hull gang went fer me right heavy, guess 'cause 'twas leap year, or they was tryin' on some

The slaves of a Roman familia were crowded together in immense gangs; they were liable to the most violent and capricious punishments; they might be subjected to the most degraded and brutalising influences.

Would you call that a very intelligent gang of kids?

with the country in the murderous clutches of that lawless gang!

66 adjectives to describe  gangs