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66 adjectives to describe  gangs

66 adjectives to describe gangs

Undoubtedly a little gang of men makes the deals, handles the money.

He was believed then to be one of a clever gang of international thieves.

BOWER, B. M. The dry ridge gang.

'So ye wud jist gang to yer aunt's for yer supper, efter a'?' 'Ay!

" "If ye gang, I'll gang too," said the bedesman.

"The subscribers, Don Jose Ruiz, and Don Pedro Montez, in gratitude for their most unhoped for and providential rescue from the hands of a ruthless gang of African bucaneers and an awful death, would take this means of expressing, in some slight degree, their thankfulness and obligation to Lieut.

Some unruly gang among them wouldn't wait, and forced matters.

It was plain that we had to deal with an organised gang of criminals.

"We had got up to nearly opposite 155th street by this time and some of the less experienced members of the jolly gang were commencing to worry that they would never see Broadway again and stationed a lookout in the bow to find Albany.

Worked on the section, then I belong to the extra gang.

Where did this ship and its precious gang of cutthroats come from, anyway?" "Meaning me?" "Oh, meaning you too, for all I know," he shrugged wearily.

The royal authority was openly and publicly disowned in the western districts: the Archbishop of St. Andrew's, after more than one hairbreadth escape, was waylaid, and barbarously murdered by an armed gang of fanatics on Magus Muir; and his daughter was wounded and maltreated while interceding for the old man's life.

He was the wealthy owner of a considerable gang of negroes, whom he drove constantly, fed sparingly, and lashed severely.

The Sheltons: America's bloodiest gang.

They became one of the most industrious and orderly gangs in the parish.

Another peculiarity is, that the men and women work in separate gangs.

Again he made his escape, and soon afterwards he organized a desperate gang of outlaws who infested the country north of the Union Pacific railroad, and when the stages began to run between Cheyenne and Deadwood, in the Black Hills, they robbed the coaches and passengers, frequently making large hauls of plunder.

It could be no other than "Brick" Simpson, the redoubtable leader of a redoubtable gang.

"It is a wise precaution to give all hooligan gangs a very wide berth at this time of night.

'All the siller in the hoose maun gang for the rent, and it's due on Setterday.

In fact, it was Strachan's opinion that the Wrykyn team that summer was about the most hopeless gang of deadbeats that had ever made exhibition of itself on the school grounds.

"Well, then, I was the one who did the refusin'the hull gang went fer me right heavy, guess 'cause 'twas leap year, or they was tryin' on some

The slaves of a Roman familia were crowded together in immense gangs; they were liable to the most violent and capricious punishments; they might be subjected to the most degraded and brutalising influences.

Would you call that a very intelligent gang of kids?

with the country in the murderous clutches of that lawless gang!

They was a lively gang.

The Millville Daily Tribune is a corker and no mistake, for our Patsy's at the head of your lunatic gang.

It was anything but a noble sight; the faces of the combatants were streaked with blood and sweat, and as the miserable gang of lower school-boys backed them on with eager shouts of"Now Eric, now Eric," "Now Montagu, go it, sixth, form," etc., both of them fought under a sense of deep disgrace, increased by the recollections which they shared in common.

On the other, a gang of men and boys, who, as the night fell, worked, many of them, altogether naked, their glossy bronze figures gleaming in the red lamplight, and both men and women singing over their work in wild choruses, which, when the screaming cracked voices of the women were silent, and the really rich tenors of the men had it to themselves, were not unpleasant.

The caste of the different native gangs who worked on the twenty-seven viaducts built in Central Africa is a case in point: each group belonging to the same caste had to be provided with its own quarters, cooking utensils, and camp furniture, and dire were the consequences of a mix-up during one of the frequent moves made by the whole party.

A large village had grown up near the mouth of the valley, wooden huts for the numerous gangs of navvies and laborers stood by the side of the railway.

In particular that excellent method of bringing new blood and new energy into the public services and breaking up official gangs and cliques, the competitive examination system, has been discredited, and the wire-puller and the influential person are back again tampering with a steadily increasing proportion of appointments....

I regard them, however, as only faint indications of what we may expect if the thing is not promptly suppressed; there is an organized gang of villains, who are combined for the sole purpose of mobbing us coloured citizens; and, as we are inoffensive, we certainly deserve protection; and here," continued Mr. Walters, "is a copy of the list of places upon which it is rumoured an attack is to be made.

Bushwhacking the Ku Klux "He belonged to the paterole gang and they went out after the Negroes one night after freedom.

Its thirteen or fourteen hundred acres of cotton, corn and incidental crops were tilled by a plow gang of thirty and a hoe gang of thirty-seven, furnished by a total of 135 slaves on the place.

A full account of the doings of this poisonous gang is given in The German Spy in America (HUTCHINSON), by JOHN PRICE JONES, a member of the staff of the New York Sun.

The occasion for the revolution was four years of destructive war (1914-18) during which two rival gangs of imperialists led their dupes and victims to shed blood and destroy property in a struggle to decide which band of plunderers should exploit natural resources and labor power for its own advantage.

"I'll bet your guess was correct, Robthat gang of Jack's robbed the old captain.

If this gang, satisfied of success, were disposed to spare his life, it was hardly probable they would demand her's.

I took out 'most that much last winter with a scowegian gang of six.

The old "bunk house" now accommodated a good-sized gang of miners, who had been engaged by Fay to do the necessary assessment work.

The second was a wave of payroll robberies obviously executed by a skilled and experienced gang of bandits.

"We'll take plenty of grub and water, and if they don't give us a fight from shore before we land, we can cache our supplies and take our time looking for that sweet gang.

Such an underhanded gang, sir. BOLSHร“V.

Here was I, Hector Ratichon, the confidant of kings, the right hand of two emperors, set to the task of stealing a dogfor that is what I should have to dofrom an unscrupulous gang of thieves whose identity, abode and methods were alike unknown to me.

His sole object in life seemed to be the breaking-up of this villanous gang of plunderers, and he pursued it with a genius and strength, a devotion, self-sacrifice, and true heroism, that are deserving of immortality.

Could fools to keep their own contrive, On what, on whom could gamesters thrive? Is it in charity you game, To save your worthy gang from shame? Unless you furnished daily bread, Which way could idleness be fed? 30

'So ye wud jist gang to yer aunt's for yer supper, efter a'?' 'Ay!

He managed the robberies at the house with the aid of John Gilder and one or two of that spiritualistic gang whom he smuggled into the house.

"Won't we make a bloodthirsty gang of roble ned mener, noble red men!"

A breakdown gang appeared and a number of new tractors and lorries with refills of petrol.

There was the trash-gang clearing the ground for the plows, and the plow-gang busy at its appropriate work.

Judging from what we learned afterward, I think it is safe to say that this Unknown was one of the celebrated Bunker gang of bandits, whose headquarters were on the Iowa River somewhere between Eldora and Steamboat Rock, in Hardin County.

Here the plantation system flourished and slaves were many; there the climate prevented profits from crude gang labor in farming, and slaves were few.

Thus perished this dangerous gang of six, by the single hand of this brave hunter, and, as the "commercianto" informed me, he acted as coolly and deliberately as if he were shooting tame bullocks for the market.

*** A prisoner charged at London Sessions with stealing was described as "one of a most daring and clever gang of thieves."

Estenega rose in his stirrups, his fine bold face looking down impassively upon the demoniacal gang who could have rent him apart, but who stood silent and startled, gazing from him to the beautiful woman, whose white gown looked part of the white horse she rode.

The affair had caused the greatest excitement here, as well as at Cadiz, owing to the development of the atrocities which marked the character of this man, and the diabolical gang of which he was the leader.

By a section of people at home the Bolsheviks are thought to be a party of political and democratic idealists, but when one is brought face to face with their work they are then proved to be a disgusting gang of cut-throats, whose sole business in life appears to be to terrorise and rob the peasant and worker and make orderly government impossible.

And now the royal carriage was surrounded by a vast and confused medley; market-women and the rest of the female rabble, with drunken gangs of the ruffians who had stormed the palace in the morning, still brandishing their weapons, or bearing loaves of bread on their pike-heads, and singing out that they should all have enough of bread now, since they were bringing the baker, the bakeress, and the baker's boy to Paris.

The enraged gang cut his body to pieces, and in a few minutes they had hoisted his head on his own sword.

We look a fearful gang of ruffians.

Because the Duke of Newcastle was a resolute anti-Reformer, a ferocious gang attacked and set on fire the fine old Castle; and, not content with committing fearful ravages in the town, roamed over the adjacent district, attacked the houses of many of the leading country gentlemen, plundering and burning the dwellings, and in more than one instance murdering some of the inhabitants.

The telegraph workers had now reached so far up over the moors that the foremost gang came to the farm one evening and asked to be lodged for the night.

Neither Jews nor Christians are exempt from service, and frequent press gangs go round Constantinople rounding up those who are in hiding.

But many innocent men were lured into a "lynching bee" without knowing that they were being led to death by a hidden gang of broad-cloth conspirators who were plotting at murder.