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221 adjectives to describe  gates

221 adjectives to describe gates

As she came near the little gate where he stood she stopped dead, seemed to hesitate a moment, and then turned as though to go back.

We enter this area to-day on the west, the outer gate being thus opposite to us in the eastern wall, the castle keep and bailey on our left in the north-west corner, and the church to the south-east.

I never thought of death as going through the dark valley, or down to the river; it often seemed to me a going up to the golden gates and lying there in the brightness, just waiting for the gate to open for me....

A man was propping open the big wooden gates, and through them she saw the street, the sidewalk, and a carriage drawn up at the curb.

I was approaching our own door, wondering whether my father had gone, and whether, on my return, I should find him at leisure,for I had several little things to say to him,when I noticed a poor woman lingering about the closed gates.

Take thou heed lest evil terror Snare thee in a downward error, Drag thee through the narrow gate, Give thee up to windy fate, To be blown for evermore Up and down without a shore; For to shun the good as ill Makes the evil bolder still.

Do you not know the grave of the Roman, the mystery that seems to lurk outside the western gate of the forgotten city that was once named in the Roman itinerary and now is nothing?

As you go out of the city of Shรข-che by the southern gate, on the east of the road is the place where Buddha, after he had chewed his willow branch, stuck it in the ground, when it forthwith grew up seven cubits, at which height it remained, neither increasing nor diminishing.

It stands alone on a haunted shore, With curious words of deathless lore On its massive gate impearled; And its carefully guarded mystic key Locks in its silent mystery From the seeking eyes of the world.

Indeed, there was still much to be done before the happy day when he saddled the black stallion and took down the bars of the corral gate and rode him out.

Father Anselmo then headed the procession, which passed through the principal gate of the palace into the square, chanting the usual service.

The White House, which was to be his home for the rest of his life, is just outside one of the upper gates of the Park, and about a quarter of a mile from the Observatory.

" ~The Disappointed Lover~ Where grow the willows near the eastern gate, And 'neath their leafy shade we could recline, She said at evening she would me await, And brightly now I see the day-star shine!

The strange habit asserted itself; he laid his large hand upon the cross-bar; the turf at the base yielded, and the tall gate was drawn partly open.

So sudden and unexpected had been the passage of Robert Willoughby through the court, and among the men on post without the inner gates, that no one recognised his person.

Presently the castle gates opened wide and a great array of men-at-arms came forth with noise and clatter, the Sheriff, all clad in shining mail of linked chain, riding at their head.

As he made his way through the northern gate, he cast a quick look back at the long, low building he had just left, with its tall chimneys and rows of sightless windows, half hidden, half revealed by the encroaching pines.

Just then a stranger, followed by a large dog, entered the garden by the wicket gate that led towards the forest, and stood silently gazing around him, without at first observing the happy and occupied child.

" The tears stood in her eyes, but her look was as of one who gazed rapturously inside the pearly gates.

The city wall is flanked with towers at every twenty paces distance; and there is a gate in the middle of each side, from each of which one may see the opposite gate, as the streets pass straight through the middle of the city, dividing it into four quarters.

Why streams the light from those celestial gates, If death prevent the day of grace, and stay Our souls for ever in the toils of strife? LXX.

Never was I more surprised than upon entering the lofty iron gates guarded by a sowar in neat white uniform.

When he reached the end of the road he stopped again, and, leaning against the fence adjoining the broad gate which led to the house, gave a low whistle.

Each of Antioch's four divisions had its own wall, pierced by arched gates.

The everlasting gates of life and summer are thrown open wide; and on the ocean, tranquil and verdant as a savanna, the unknown lady from the dreadful vision and I myself are floating: she upon a fairy pinnace, and I upon an English three-decker.

The winde doth beate the fire upon your house, The eating flame devoures your double gates; Your pillars fall, your golden roofes doe melt; Your antique Tables and Greeke Imagery The fire besets; and the smoake, you see, Doth choake my speech: O flie and save your life.

The call which John Yeardley received, and which he so happily obeyed, to leave the world and enter by the strait gate into the kingdom of heaven, was accompanied, as we shall afterwards see more fully, by a secret conviction that he would one day have publicly to preach to others the Gospel of salvation.

"Ah! you have ordered the carriage," he said, seeing the brougham standing at the door, and the rusty gates thrown open, giving egress to the Paseo del Ebro.

She went toward the sky, but as she approached the broken gates, Captan, blind with anger, struck her too with lightning, and her silver body broke into thousands of pieces.

Meantime Kenneth had reached the stable, thrown a bridle over the head of a fine sorrel mare, and scorning to use a saddle leaped upon her back and dashed down the lane and out at the rear gate upon the old turnpike road.

They, too, asked for right to build in Stockholm, near the south gate.

One might think the monastery alone a city: it has three grand gates for entrances, some whereof are brass, many towers, high walls, and a church than which nothing can be more magnificent.

But presently, almost suddenly, Stafford came in sight of the magnificent iron gates, and he forgot his father and the talkative commercial traveller, and his interest in the girl of the dale flashed back upon him with full force.

His hand was on the latch, when he heard a faint sound from without: a girl's footsteps, timorous yet swift, along the narrow flagged path which led down the tiny garden gate.

This inner square has three gates on its south side, and the same number on the north; the middle gate of both these sides being greater and more magnificent than the others, and is appropriated to the sole use of the khan, the others being open to all who have a right to pass.

Lord over every lord, His consecrating word An earthly prince awaits; Lift then your heads, ye gates!

Keeper of the yellow gate, discover to what part of our palace that lady pertains; and bid her approach our presence; but beware lest you alarm her.

None saw us enter, as I think, for we used the secret gate and the more private entrance; but who is certain of being unobserved when every fifth eye is that of a mercenary?

A brazen gate before them high appeared, And massive walls which their great foe had reared; The mighty gates on heavy pivots hung, They broke, and on their brazen hinges swung With clanging roars against the solid wall, And sent through all the wilds a clarion call.

Before the dawn of day a mournful cavalcade moved obscurely out of a postern gate of the Alhambra and departed through one of the most retired quarters of the city.

The pair arrive: the liveried servants wait; Their lord receives them at the pompous gate; The table groans with costly piles of food, And all is more than hospitably good; Then led to rest, the day's long toil they drown, Deep sunk in sleep, and silk, and heaps of down.

Nobody (except Ivor, concerning whom I'd given orders) would be let in so late at night, during my absence, not even Raoul himself; so if he had come to reproach me, or break with me, he would have to stand outside the locked gate till I appeared.

But grant them grace that they may strain The heavenly gate and prize to gain; Each harmful lure aside to cast, And purge away each error past.

In mockery to the enormous gate which rose O'er them in almost pyramidic pride.

Oh, sure defence against the infernal gate, A patent during pleasure of the state!

For seven geological ages did he gaze upon cheap and horrible woodcuts of gentlemen in fashionable raiment trying to lean against conspicuously inadequate rustic gates; equally fashionable ladies, with flat chests, and rat's nest hair; and animals whose attitudes denoted playful sportiveness of disposition.

Instead, they were turned aside through a rude gate leading into the flats, and thence drew the load to the mouth of the little cave, where, unseen by any one, Appleman tilted the barrels out and left them lying on the sward.

And they made dim the lights in the Great Causeway, that there should no glare go forth into the Land, when the Gate was opened; and behold, they opened not the lesser gate within the greater, for me; but did honour my journey, in that they swung wide the Great Gate itself, through which a monstrous army might pass.

On the heights of the pass, a strongly fortified gate was placed, which closed the narrow road; it was, however, left open in time of peace.

With tools supplied by traitors they were to work their way out of their quarters, overpower the guard at the nearest gate, set fire to the nearest houses in three different streets, turn the nearest guns inwards on the town, and shout 'Liberty for ever!' as an additional signal to the storming-party that was to be waiting to confirm their success.

I'll race you to the orchard gate.

And that is of course important.' Musing thus, wordly wisdom personified, the maiden looked up and saw her lover entering at the light little iron gate which gave entrance to this feminine Eden.

The lower part was not one great doorway, as the Pilgrim had supposed, but had innumerable doors, all separate and very narrow, so that but one could pass at a time, though the arch inclosed all, and seemed filled with great folding gates, in which the smaller doors were set, so that if need arose a vast opening might be made for many to enter.

Through oriental gates.

[Coll.]; fat of the land, milk and honey, loaves and fishes. made man, lucky dog, enfant gate [Fr.], spoiled child of fortune. upstart, parvenu, skipjack^, mushroom.

Helpless in the current, the canoe could not be guided through those fearful gates of peril below.

So it came about that Major Guilford's relief measure was timed to a nicety, and the blanket cut in rates opened a veritable flood-gate for business in Trans-Western territory.

At the head of the slimy stairs, Heywood rattled a ponderous gate in a wall, and shouted.

Whispering gate, by Anne Jerrymore. Presented to the world at large by Carex Macphail, pseud.

Between the cow-house and the stable there was a broad, handsome carriage-gate; this too came within the light-radius.

Yet still, across the narrow strait, Some remnants of the hospice stand, Whose ever hospitable gate Met pilgrims from the Holy Land, Its finely carved, millennial tower Enduring to the present hour.

good class Georgian houses, one quite fine, with well wrought iron gates (this was Dr. Irechester's); turning to the right again, but more sharply, the wayfarer found himself once more in villadom, but a villadom more ornate, more costly, with gardens to be measured in acresor nearly.

They drove off in absolute silence, a silence which remained unbroken until they passed through some elaborate iron gates and drew up before a mansion in Fifth Avenue.

Forth from the hollow, gloomy gate, Stream forth the masses, in bright array.

And with this, the enemy being routed, she turned face to face with Dakie Thayne and Leslie Goldthwaite, coming in at the dilapidated gate.

"Thence," in the words of the poet, "we turned and slowly clomb the last hard footstep of that iron crag," and traversing the seventh and last gate reached the ruined Ambarkhana or Elephant-stable on the hill top.

At the dim gate, by Elizabeth Jordan; a contest selection arr.

"As the colloquy ended, the horsemen spurred onward, and soon arrived in view of the residence of Mrs. Williams, which was situated on a gentle acclivity, accessible by a long avenue, skirted on either side with tall poplars, and entered at the extremity by a slight wooden gate.

There is another mean gate a little more south called God's house gate, of an hospital founded by two merchants joined to it; and not far beyond it is the Water Gate, without which is a quay.

By no meansthe gates of the town were shut to prevent its entire evacuation, many hid themselves in garrets and cellars, and dragoons patrolled the streets, and even entered the houses, to force the inhabitants to assist in procuring water; while the consternation, usually the effect of such accidents, was only owing to the fear of being obliged to aid the sufferers.

On passing this outward gate, they entered a very beautiful paved court of great extent, where they found 100,000 men waiting at the emperors gate, although it was not yet day.

Standing on the bridge by the ancient spiked gate bristling with sharp barbs of iron, like rusty spear and arrow-heads (our ancestors loved to protect their privacy with these terrible barriers), I listened to the waterfall three hundred yards higher up, with its ceaseless music; the afternoon sun was sparkling on the dimpling water, which runs swiftly here over a shallow reach of gravelthe favourite spawning-ground of the trout.

All was very quiet at Fellside as she went in at the stable gate.

" Only waiting till the angels Open wide the mystic gate, At whose feet I long have lingered, Weary, sad, and desolate; Even now I hear their footsteps, And their voices far away When they call me, I am waiting, Only waiting to obey.

Now, sir, when you come to your stately gate, as you sounded the recheat before, so now you must sound the relief three times. ACADEMICO.

The sun, as he unlocks the rosy gates of the east, and comes forth to run his glad journey across the sky, diffusing light and warmth upon the vegetable world beneath, moves with the utmost regularity, giving to each succeeding year, "the seasons and their changes.

Pleasant, too, is the return home when one swings in at the familiar gate; and then comes the quiet solitary evening when one recounts the hoarded store of delicate impressions.

To herself she said that night, after Robert had walked home with her to the rectory gate: "I love Robert, and I feel sure that he loves me.

Now a horse and gig are property, but of what use is a valuable of which you cannot dispose or deposit at a pawnbroker's, while you are prevented proceeding on your way by that neat white gate with the neat white box of a house at its side?

It seemed to be a community of old settlers, among whom everything had been going on prosperously since an epoch beyond the memory of man; and they kept a certain privacy among themselves, and dwelt on a cross-road at the entrance of which was a barred gate, hospitably open, but still impressing me with a sense of scarcely warrantable intrusion.

The trustees and faculty of the college, the cadets of the Military Institute, and a large number of citizens followedand the procession moved slowly from the northeastern gate of the president's house to the college chapel, above which, draped in mourning, and at half-mast, floated the flag of Virginiathe only one displayed during this or any other portion of the funeral ceremonies.

"We shall fill that ditch," said the men in mud-boots, and brushed close along the chained and padlocked gate of the haunted mansion.

"There they are," another of our companions added, pointing to a dense ring of spectators on one side of the immense dusty square at the entrance of the souksthe "Square of the Dead" as it is called, in memory of the executions that used to take place under one of its grim red gates.

North, south, east and west, the trade-routes intersected, entering the city through the ornate gates in crenelated limestone walls.

Only at the outermost gate, around which a crowd had collected, all, in Chinese fashion, asking who was within and what he had come about, was the irate Fantai permitted to return to his interrupted laboursafter he had satisfied every canon of the elaborate courtesy.

"On some day about the end of November or beginning of December 1827, when I was walking with Mr Peacock near the outside gate of the Trinity Walks, on some mention of Woodhouse, the Plumian Professor, Mr Peacock said that he was never likely to rise into activity again (or using some expression importing mortal illness).

In addition to a brick residence and office, it comprised two courts, for the men and women respectively, each with whitewashed walls, padlocked gates, cleanly barracks and eating sheds, and a hospital which at this time had no occupants.

Slowly, and with relapses into insensibility, I passed, like one who recovers from drowning, through the painful gate of birth into another life.

Were I the Dey of Tunis I'd sound alarm at such a dubious move, Lay on my desk despair's thin silken cord, And at my palisaded castle-gate Set up my heavy guns and howitzers.

Favorite N. favorite, pet, cosset, minion, idol, jewel, spoiled child, enfant gate

A few yards ahead of me in the moonlight was a plain white gate, and beyond that the road.

Arden of Feversham, I. i. "Whilst on the planchers pants his weary body," Shakespeare (Measure for Measure, iv. 1) has "a planched gate.

Calgary Station DAZZLED by sun and drugged by space they wait, These homeless peoples, at our prairie gate; Dumb with the awe of those whom fate has hurled, Breathless, upon the threshold of a world!

Behold those joys thou never canst behold; Those precious gates of pearl, those streets of gold, Those streams of life, those trees of Paradise That never can be seen by mortal eyes!

General Merritt took possession of the palace of the governor-general, overlooking the river, a commodious establishment, with a pretentious gate on the street, a front yard full of shrubbery and rustling with trees, a drive for carriages and doors for their occupants at the side and a porte cochere, as the general said with a twinkle of his eye, for the steam launch which was a perquisite of the Governor.

[Sidenote: Isa. 13:2-4] Upon a treeless mountain lift up a signal, raise a cry to them, Wave the hand that they may enter the princely gates.

The arrows fell like rain, and quickly slew A host of demonspresently bright light Dispelled the gloom, and as the mist rolled off In sulphury circles, the surviving fiends Were seen in rapid flight; the fortress, too, Distinctly shone, and its prodigious gate, Through which the conquerors passed.

Thou bear'st thy native Country, I conjure thee This day to be the Trumpet of my worth; To speake the passions of thy grieved friend To Katharine's ears, till those pure ivory gates, Pearst with the volley of thy battring words, Give way to my laments to touch her heart.

By and by the scales drop from his eyes; he sees himself, not as one who has already achieved, but as one to whom the radiant gates of life are opening, so that he, too, can one day speak to human souls as the masters have done!

So for the last time I charge yeset wide your rebellious gates!"