221 adjectives to describe gates

As she came near the little gate where he stood she stopped dead, seemed to hesitate a moment, and then turned as though to go back.

We enter this area to-day on the west, the outer gate being thus opposite to us in the eastern wall, the castle keep and bailey on our left in the north-west corner, and the church to the south-east.

I never thought of death as going through the dark valley, or down to the river; it often seemed to me a going up to the golden gates and lying there in the brightness, just waiting for the gate to open for me....

A man was propping open the big wooden gates, and through them she saw the street, the sidewalk, and a carriage drawn up at the curb.

I was approaching our own door, wondering whether my father had gone, and whether, on my return, I should find him at leisure,for I had several little things to say to him,when I noticed a poor woman lingering about the closed gates.

Take thou heed lest evil terror Snare thee in a downward error, Drag thee through the narrow gate, Give thee up to windy fate, To be blown for evermore Up and down without a shore; For to shun the good as ill Makes the evil bolder still.

Do you not know the grave of the Roman, the mystery that seems to lurk outside the western gate of the forgotten city that was once named in the Roman itinerary and now is nothing?

As you go out of the city of Shâ-che by the southern gate, on the east of the road is the place where Buddha, after he had chewed his willow branch, stuck it in the ground, when it forthwith grew up seven cubits, at which height it remained, neither increasing nor diminishing.

It stands alone on a haunted shore, With curious words of deathless lore On its massive gate impearled; And its carefully guarded mystic key Locks in its silent mystery From the seeking eyes of the world.

Indeed, there was still much to be done before the happy day when he saddled the black stallion and took down the bars of the corral gate and rode him out.

Father Anselmo then headed the procession, which passed through the principal gate of the palace into the square, chanting the usual service.

The White House, which was to be his home for the rest of his life, is just outside one of the upper gates of the Park, and about a quarter of a mile from the Observatory.

" ~The Disappointed Lover~ Where grow the willows near the eastern gate, And 'neath their leafy shade we could recline, She said at evening she would me await, And brightly now I see the day-star shine!

The strange habit asserted itself; he laid his large hand upon the cross-bar; the turf at the base yielded, and the tall gate was drawn partly open.

So sudden and unexpected had been the passage of Robert Willoughby through the court, and among the men on post without the inner gates, that no one recognised his person.

Presently the castle gates opened wide and a great array of men-at-arms came forth with noise and clatter, the Sheriff, all clad in shining mail of linked chain, riding at their head.

As he made his way through the northern gate, he cast a quick look back at the long, low building he had just left, with its tall chimneys and rows of sightless windows, half hidden, half revealed by the encroaching pines.

Just then a stranger, followed by a large dog, entered the garden by the wicket gate that led towards the forest, and stood silently gazing around him, without at first observing the happy and occupied child.

" The tears stood in her eyes, but her look was as of one who gazed rapturously inside the pearly gates.

The city wall is flanked with towers at every twenty paces distance; and there is a gate in the middle of each side, from each of which one may see the opposite gate, as the streets pass straight through the middle of the city, dividing it into four quarters.

Why streams the light from those celestial gates, If death prevent the day of grace, and stay Our souls for ever in the toils of strife? LXX.

Never was I more surprised than upon entering the lofty iron gates guarded by a sowar in neat white uniform.

When he reached the end of the road he stopped again, and, leaning against the fence adjoining the broad gate which led to the house, gave a low whistle.

Each of Antioch's four divisions had its own wall, pierced by arched gates.

The everlasting gates of life and summer are thrown open wide; and on the ocean, tranquil and verdant as a savanna, the unknown lady from the dreadful vision and I myself are floating: she upon a fairy pinnace, and I upon an English three-decker.

221 adjectives to describe  gates