23 adjectives to describe gauge

The enemy had a single narrow-gauge railway line connecting with the Jaffa-Jerusalem railway at Junction Station about six miles south-east of Ramleh.

A special train of broad-gauge cars | | in connection with the day boats will leave on arrival | | at Albany (commencing June 20) for Sharon | | Springs.

These opinions are based on certain cases in the colonies, where it was thought fit to adopt a light rail weighing about 18 lb. to 27 lb. per yard, and keeping the old normal gauge.

It was believed possible by the engineers that a railroad of standard gauge and equipment could be operated without special appliances, and so strongly was this view held that work was commenced on the project.

I lay it down as a fundamental principle, that we ought to look to the eventual establishment of one uniform railway gauge for the whole of India.

You may fancy for yourselves how extremely delicate must be the work of making holes of such exceeding smallness to accurate gauge, too, in those very hard stones.

1. The same principles of reduction of high pressure are used in this gauge as in Shaw's hydraulic gauge.

How can they, when the exclusiveness of many fraternities is not by intellectual gauge or the capability for comradeship, but the power to pay high dues and spend lavishly.

On the broad gauge, however, such an engine could easily be designed on the lines now recognized as being essential for express engines without introducing any exceptional construction, and there appears but little doubt that were Brunei's magnificent gauge the national one, competition would have introduced a higher rate of speed between London and our great towns than that which obtains at present.

I was positive that I knew the mental gauge of every man in the village.

A metallic pressure gauge is connected with the tube, and indicates the pressure existing within it at any moment.

The engine is generally furnished with three gauge cocks, and water should always come out of the second gauge cock, and steam out of the top one when the engine is running: but when the engine is at rest, the water in the boiler is lower than when in motion, so that when the engine is at rest, the water will be high enough if it just reaches to the middle gauge cock.

Then, doubtfully: "And what if, mad with wrongs themselves have wrought, In their own treachery caught, By their own fears made bold, And leagued with him of old Who long since, in the limits of the North, Set up his evil throne, and warred with God What if, both mad and blinded in their rage Our foes should fling us down the mortal gauge,

Unless in practice it proves too complicated, it would seem to be a good arm for all-round usesixteen to twenty gauge is large enough for the shotgun barrels.

There, too, may be seen the old dock, certain trophies of the chase and "the stirrup-iron of William Rufus," really the seventeenth century gauge "for the dogs allowed to be kept in the forest without expeditation, the 'lawing' being carried out on all 'great dogs' that could not pass through the stirrup.

"It's a bargain," she said, soberly, as if she had accepted no slight gauge.

By the use of an unreliable gauge you may become thoroughly bewildered, and in reality know nothing of what pressure you are carrying.

It is so far behind the New Era as to doubt that an Oriental country, ridden by etiquette of the sternest, and social distinctions almost as hard as those of caste, can be turned out to Western gauge in the compass of a very young man's life.

First, the quality of his judgment and the impressibility of his imagination are tested by a series of experiments as delicate as the atmospherical gauges of a barometer.

A careful engineer will have nothing to do with a defective steam gauge or an unreliable safety valve.

Various contrivances have been devised for this purpose, the most of which operate on the principle of a hydrometer; but perhaps a more satisfactory principle would be that of a differential steam gauge, which would indicate the difference of pressure between the steam in the boiler and the steam of a small quantity of fresh water enclosed in a suitable vessel, and immerged in the water of the boiler.

The experience of England is conclusive as to the inconvenience of a double or conflicting railway gauge.

The habit of always viewing ourselves, our motives, and even our conduct, on the favorable side, is the parent of self-esteem; and this weakness, carried into communities, commonly gets to be the cause of a somewhat fallacious gauge of merit among the population of entire countries.

23 adjectives to describe  gauge