281 adjectives to describe glass

The place was chilly, and the wind, soughing in through the broken glass, produced an eerie note.

The strangers glanced discreetly about the rude little church, with its pictures and its modest attempt at stained glass.

I took with me, without asking leave of any-one, a certain long black cloak, a small electric lamp, and a magnifying glass of considerable power.

Tremulously held, the little glass tilted and rattled against the teeth.

" The steward brought a tall glass with ice, in which the newcomer mixed his drink.

"That's the gymnasium on the left," said Carton, "and above it are studies; and that row of big windows on the right, with the coloured glass in the top, is the big schoolroom.

Presently the gong sounded, and we went below into the elegantly fitted saloon, where was spread a table that sparkled with cut glass and shone with silver.

A small circular window, made of a single piece of thick clear glass, was neatly fitted on each of the six sides.

" "You read the minds of other people through a colored glass, colonel.

Place a clean, dry cover-glass of about the width of the slip, over the water containing the torn fragments.

And taking my marine glasses he stood beside me watching intently.

With an ivory paper-knife scrape the back of the tongue or the inside of the lips or cheek; place the substance thus obtained upon a glass slide; cover it with a thin cover-glass, and if necessary add a drop of water.

This a true looking-glass impartial, Where beauty's self herself doth beautify With native hue, not artificial, Discovering falsehood, opening verity: The day's bright eye colours distinction, Just judge of measure and proportion.

I saw that she was nude, except for a thin and delicate drapery of purple, which, albeit in some parts it covered the milk-white body, yet no more concealed it from my ravished eyes than does the transparent glass conceal the portrait beneath it.

Reggie hiked up one day and wanted to know if he could borrow a pair of smoked glasses.

'This magic looking-glass,' she cries, (There, hand it round) 'will charm your eyes.' 30 Each eager eye the sight desired, And every man himself admired.

He lies in the laurels, he runs on the grass, He sings when you tinkle the musical glass; Whene'er you are happy and cannot tell why, The Friend of the Children is sure to be by!

He reversed the dark slide and made another exposure in the same way, and then, having removed the micrometer and replaced it by a slip of plain glass, he made two more exposures.

These, a long man and a short man, stood at the bar, their backs to the window and their hands cupped lovingly round glasses of refreshment.

"Another balloon is steering right across our path, and one in it bears, as we see through the pavlo (the spectacle-like double field-glass of Mars), the sash of a Regent, while his attendants wear the uniform of scarlet and grey" (that of Endo Zamptâ).

I like 'em, and cards, and a cheerful glass; but I mean merely to give you an idea, between office confinement and after-office society, how little time I can call my own.

Then Gifford ordered a stiff glass of spirits and soda and drank it off before going up to change.

The water was a beautiful light green, like semi-opaque glass, and from the indistinctness of its depths waved and beckoned, rose and disappeared with indescribable grace and deliberation long feathery sea growths.

Pink-shaved, unlined, nose-glasses polished to sparkle, he was ten years his wife's senior and looked those ten years younger.

Heat the jelly glasses (those with glass covers are best), by rolling in hot water, and place them in a shallow pan partially filled with hot water, or stand them on a wet, folded towel while filling.

281 adjectives to describe  glass
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