10 adjectives to describe governance

We may know it if our own wills are bent to live in conformity with nature; if we be noble, free, faithful, humble; if desiring nothing, and shunning nothing which lies beyond our power, we sit loose to all earthly interests; if our lives are under the distinct governance of immutable and noble laws.

And heavenly Dominations are set, 90 From whom all earthly governance is fet*.

There were a very great number of other courts, but for the purposes of the every-day ecclesiastical governance of the parish the two classes of courts or visitations above mentioned are all that need concern us.

Thy tongue adorn'd with flowing eloquence, And yet I see imprinted in thy brows A fortunate but froward governance.

First, honour'd Virgin, to behold thy face Where all good dwells that is: Next for to try The truth of late report was given to me: Those Shepherds that have met with foul mischance, Through much neglect, and more ill governance, Whether the wounds they have may yet endure The open Air, or stay a longer cure.

PHORKYAS The menial train to threat, a sacred right remains, Which the illustrious spouse of heaven-favor'd lord Through many a year doth earn of prudent governance.

For silence after grievous thing's is good, And reverence, and the fear that makes men whole And shame, and righteous governance of blood, And Lordship of the Soul.

The human world ends off, as it were, precipitously; and beyond there is an endless, impracticable abyss in which dwells the secret governance of things, an unknowable and implacable fate"Wyrd"neither malign nor benevolent, but simply inscrutable.

The treaty of Hodeibia recognises him as sovereign of Medina, and formally concedes to him by implication his temporal governance.

Richard Cromwell (as he called himself) lived at Merdon a good deal, till he succeeded his father in the usurped governance of England.

10 adjectives to describe  governance