13 adjectives to describe gradients

The wadis cross the valleys wherever torrent water can tear up rock, but the yeomanry found their beds smoother going, filled though they were with boulders, than the hill slopes, which generally rose in steep gradients from the sides of watercourses.

It began to snow as we came into Marostica, and we had great difficulty with the lorries even on gentle gradients.

Among the few exceptions to this rule was the hill-climbing contest at Port Jefferson, Long Island, in which Ralph de Palma went up an ascent of two thousand feet with an average gradient of 10 per cent.

It is certainly difficult to account for unless we imagine that during the calm the surface layer of cold air is extremely thin and that there is a steep inverted gradient.

is regarded as the maximum safe gradient for an Abt rack railway, since the cog-wheel is liable to climb out of the rack on any steeper grade, it will be seen that the strain upon the credulity of the hearer of this story is almost as great as that upon the car must have been.

Electrical Instruments For measuring the ordinary potential gradient we have two self-recording quadrant electrometers.

Rennick has just obtained a sounding of 187 fathoms; taken in conjunction with yesterday's 1111 fathoms and Ross's sounding of 180, this is interesting, showing the rapid gradient of the continental shelf.

On the Ramp the minimum was -31°, not the first indication of a reversed temperature gradient.

The rough gradients which up to now had guided him in his descent ceased abruptly.

He imagines the atmosphere A C in potential equilibrium with large margin of stability, i.e. the difference of temperature between A and C being much less than the adiabatic gradient.

At the head of the valley, the road, a good example of the war work of the Italian Engineers, turned sharply up the hillside, securing tolerable gradients by means of constant zigzagstolerable that is to say for men on foot and for pack mules, for wheeled transport could not proceed beyond this point.

Like a darting, pouncing swallow, seeking its food in mid-air, the Golden Butterfly swooped, soared and dived in long, graceful gradients above the Mortlake plant.

He has taken pains to work up available information; on the ice side he showed the very gradual gradient as compared with the Ferrar.

13 adjectives to describe  gradients