116 adjectives to describe grains

Nevertheless, you will have observed that before we had travelled very far upon our road, there appeared, on the right hand and on the left, fields laden with a harvest of golden grain, immediately convertible into those things which the most solidly practical men will admit to have valueviz., money and life.

But the other phenomena are all in this little half-grain comprised.

" Sitting in the shade of the poop, they opened the box, which was filled with fine dull-yellow grains.

* * If you cannot in the harvest Garner up the richest sheaves, Many a grain, both ripe and golden, Oft the careless reaper leaves; Go and glean among the briars Growing rank against the wall, For it may be that their shadow Hides the heaviest grain of all.

The endolymph and the tiny grains of ear-sand now perform their part in this marvelous and complex mechanism.

"All except the stripes," replied Walker;"stripes is wool and cotton mixed; gives 'em a finer grain, you see, and catches the eye.

manuscripts : Mountain Ebony : Hard, coarse grain, wet, black-heart : 10 to 20 : 5 to 8.

Spiral grain is a very common defect in a tree, and when excessive renders the timber valueless for use except in the round.

The forester was tramping cheerfully along, thinking doubtless of the good time coming, when his farm would be shorn of all its old woods, when flocks and herds would be grazing in luxurious pastures, tall grain waving in fields, the summer grass clothing in richness meadows reclaimed by his labor from the wilderness, and he should be at ease among his children.

The singing of the whetstone upon steel was heard no longer in the meadows nor among the ripened grain.

A young man of the finest attributes, he has brought nothing to the mill of Base Ball to grind except that which was the finest and the cleanest grain.

"This was written on a buff paper, which Dr. Stevenson said must have contained 35 grains of strychnine, sufficient to kill thirty-five persons, and the direction written was, 'One dose; take as told.'

To silence the mob at Rome, he slightly depreciated the coinage so as to relieve debtors, established some coloniesperhaps those promised by his fatherand carried some law for distributing cheap grain.

The natives of the Canary Islands, an exceedingly well-developed and vigorous race, subsist almost chiefly upon a food which they call gofio, consisting of parched grain, coarsely ground in a mortar and mixed with water.

(3) Another quality of Christ's words which helps us to understand their world-wide influence is their winnowedness, their freedom from the chaff which, in the words of others, mingles with the wholesome grain.

This is the part of the crushed wheat-grains which very closely resembles in its composition the flesh of animals.

'I would rather swallow a bushel of chaff than lose the precious grains of truth which may somewhere or other be scattered in it,' was a sentiment which, though expressed in much later life, was characteristic of his whole career.

It brought a silken, sweeping rustle, a whispering of the bearded grain.

An insufficiently cooked grain, although it may be palatable, is not in a condition to be readily acted upon by the digestive fluids, and is in consequence left undigested to act as a mechanical irritant.

Patches of unripe grain the reaper leaves; And here and there ungathered are the sheaves.

By the Act of 1815 wheat might be exported upon a payment of one shilling per quarter customs duty, but the importation of foreign grain was practically prohibited until the price of wheat in England had reached eighty shillings a quarter, that is to say, until a certain price had been secured for the grower of grain at the expense of all the consumers in this country.

| | | COLORED RAYE GROS GRAINS, | | | | $l per yard.

Metallic grains of iron have been found in strawberries, and a twelfth of the weight of the wood of dried oak is said to consist of this metal.

And, at given signals from the men on the stack, the mares were turned out for a short rest, also in order to allow the Indians a chance to throw out the waste straw and to heap the loose grain on the winnowing ground.

" And in the waving luxuriant grain they delighted together: Almost as high it reached as the lofty shapes that moved through it.

116 adjectives to describe  grains
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