189 adjectives to describe gravity

"Well, I got the specific gravity of gold, zinc and copper from my pocket-tables, and made a few experiments with some bearing metals.

" "Well, let it be a lesson to you," said Chet with mock gravity, "never to let your ambitions soar to aeroplane inventing.

"Mr. Villiers," said he, with the utmost gravity, "I have all possible respect for you.

"I tell you," said Evariste, turning upon him with sudden gravity, "iv dad is troo, I tell you w'ad is sure-sure!

I wrote Mr.yes, Mr. Groves a note thanking him on your behalf, and I sent him some dry sherry which Stenson here"he smiled at the butler"tells me is rather good, eh, Stenson?" The solemn gravity of Stenson's face did not relax in the slightest, as he murmured: "Count de Meza's '84, sir.

On the rejection of the Licensing Bill, however, he showed that the Government were fully aware of the extreme gravity of the question, but intended to choose their own time to deal with it.

" "Very good," said Martin, with imperturbable gravity; "I only wanted a fair understanding of the matter on the start.

And now, being already close on the dolorous moment, which was fated to be the occasion either of a most assured death or of a life of such anguish that none before me has ever endured the like, prompted by I know not what spirit, I raised my eyes with decent gravity, and surveyed with penetrating look the crowds of young men who were standing near me.

" "I had a communication from Mr. Stanmore an hour ago to that effect," answered Simon, with a gravity the more profound that he had some difficulty in repressing a smile.

"Princes and nobles," he added, with affected gravity, "we are here bound by the heels, during the good pleasure of those who rule in Vévey; the wisest course will be to pass the time in good-humor with each other, and as pleasantly as our condition will allow.

" "Let's talk no more of this!" said she, putting me aside with a gentle gravity, which checked my nonsense.

Skim acknowledged the introductions with intense gravity, and then sat down upon a straight-backed chair near the piano, this being the end of the room where the three girls were grouped.

Her writings, with their sweet gravity and tender simplicity, were called forth wholly by the Bad Baby, as Lamb called Mrs. Godwin.

" Dooke's mode of dispersing the boys, and the officiating clergyman's comment upon it, parenthesized into the middle of the most solemn sentence of the burial-service, were too much for the usual stern gravity of my clerical friend, and, under pretence of shedding tears, he buried his face in his handkerchief and his handkerchief in his hat and shook with laughter.

Confused by the impact upon her perceptions of so much that was unexpected and bizarre, the girl looked round with an uncertain smile, and found Karslake watching her with a manner of peculiar gravity and concern.

[A sort of gingerbread.] to the favourite lap-dog, or attending, with great assiduity, the egresses and regresses of her angola, who paces slowly out of the room ten times in an hour, while the door is held open by the complaisant Frenchman with a most respectful gravity.

It was partly this unusual order of march, I suspect, which gave such an air of preternatural gravity to their movements.

I must believe thee, yet methinks thy Face Has put on an unwonted gravity.

In all cases of unusual gravity three Judges sat together.

He therefore maintained the severe gravity that usually marked his countenance, and replied 'But what can the white boy do, that he should fill the place of an Indian chieftain's son?

These he chants forth with a loud voice, and long, drawling cadence, seated sideways on his mule, who seems to listen with infinite gravity, and to keep time, with his paces, to the tune.

Lord Grey was distinguished by a stately and massive eloquence which exactly suited his high purpose and earnest gravity of nature, while its effect was enormously enhanced by his handsome presence and kingly bearing.

The proud pagan, who had no belief in a God, much less any respect for restraints or fidelities of what kind soever, forgot his assumed gravity when he heard this determination, and laughed outright at the simplicity of such a proceeding.

Having made fast his boat with a drunken gravity, the Collector walked directly, though with uncertain steps, up the steep and rugged path towards that mysterious illumination.

Adoniram K. Hotchkiss was not 'fond' in the ordinary acceptance of the word," said the Colonel, with professional gravity.

189 adjectives to describe  gravity
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