152 adjectives to describe greetings

Even when the greatest of all looked up from his work and saw her, he would give her a friendly greeting and a smile; and nobody was too wise to lend an ear to the little visitor, or to answer her questions.

Certainly there was some of the bourgeois respect and esteem for a good education in the fairly cordial greeting which Constance extended to Charlotte, who had painted a miniature portrait of her, a good though a flattering likeness.

Many of her former scholars, hearing of her return, came to give her a very hearty greeting, and were willing to come back to school, bringing their younger sisters with them.

Her affectionate greeting brought a glow into his face, that set Pearl's heart throbbing with joy: "It's good to see you, Pearl," he said, "you look like a rose to me, and you don't forget an old friend.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Darrin," came the pleasant greeting.

He plainly recognized her at once, and nodded a cheerful greeting.

For a while he, beyond a formal greeting, let me alone.

He touched his forehead with a respectful and welcoming greeting, and without any surprise; for Stafford very often paid an early visit to the stable, and had more than once lent a hand in grooming a favourite horse.

All seemed strong and comfortable, as if really enjoying the storm, while responding to its most enthusiastic greetings.

"Welcome, good Lord Marmion; brief greeting must serve in time of need.

Evadne heard his cheery greeting, saw him stoop and lift the child on to the horse's back, and was so interested in the pretty scene that she forgot she was a stranger.

In walking among them, we received kind greetings everywhere, and every one who was seated rose and remained standing as we passed.

" Kurt, somewhat startled and awed, managed to give a courteous greeting to his visitor, and asked him into the house.

May I go into your house and find a chair?" Both boy and man hurried forward then with kindly greetings, and Bachelor Billy unlocked the door and bade her enter.

How unlike too is this forlorn meeting to old school-fellows returning after the holidays, when mutual greetings soon lighten the memory of parting sorrow!

"Oh, Aunt Kate, he sent you a large bundle of fraternal greetings.

After giving a hasty greeting and blessing to the lad, who was charmed to see his tutor, the Father continued the burning of his papers, drawing them from a cupboard over the mantelpiece wall, which Harry had never seen before.

At eve he dons his nightgown green, And goes to bed right early, At morn, he spreads his yellow skirts To catch the dewdrops pearly; A darling elf is Dandelion, A roguish wanton sweeting; Yet he is loved by ev'ry child, All give him joyous greeting.

Sitting there in the darkness and the desolation he could almost see her look of great delight, he could almost feel her kisses on his lips as she gave him tender greeting.

Anyhow, I had a civil greeting from several of the planters, and a bow from their dames.

Jessie waved a scarf, and Beresford, who had spent the previous evening with her, threw up a hand in gay greeting.

Forgetting for the moment the prudence which ignorance of Martial customs had hitherto dictated, I lifted to my lips the hand that she, following the example of the rest, but shyly and half reluctantly, laid on my shouldera form very different to the distant greeting I had heretofore received, and marking that I was no longer to be treated as a stranger to the family.

"Hello, fellows!" was his familiar greeting, as he thrust a hand out toward them.

After the first exchange of noisy greetings, "Say, Marty, dad's asked me to run down in your part of the world and look at some new barn furniture that's been put in around Ellisventilators and stanchions and individual drinking cups for the Holsteinsnot like the way we used to treat the cows on our farm, hey?

There was a remembrance of this in his boyish and enthusiastic greeting of Mr. Oakhurst.

152 adjectives to describe  greetings
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