80 adjectives to describe guidance

The people, however, did not pray for divine guidance in the discharge of duty, but for the blessings which would give them health and prosperity.

We are looking elsewhere for our highest ideals, instead of claiming from the Church that spiritual guidance and inspiration which should be its right to give.

It is at present being tried out as a practical test in connection with vocational guidance and various forms of institutional examination, such as psychopathic hospital and court examinations.

But this once having been accomplished, the case went quickly and smoothly on under the able guidance of the prosecuting attorney.

Secret guidance.

Prayed for better guidance.

BREWER, JOHN M. Occupations; a textbook for the educational, civic, and vocational guidance of boys and girls.

Wherefore, as in every human undertaking, it is of the utmost importance what matter men may set about with the favour, what under the displeasure of the gods, be assured that the former wars ye waged in opposition to the gods more than to men; in this, which is now impending, ye will act under the immediate guidance of the gods themselves.

They are not content to let their children learn entirely at home, to depend solely upon parental guidance.

There he gave himself over entirely to the joy that arises from youth's self-creation, when talents develop under friendly guidance without being hampered by the higher requirements of criticism.

In the second place, supposing our analysis of the conditions to be correct, practical guidance must follow.

One may suppose such a cretin, with all his other ductless glands intact, grown successfully to manhood under careful medical guidance.

Unfortunately we can gain little guidance from the past.

" Hovering just outside the final drag of the surf, under the skilful guidance of Congdon, the boat moved slowly along the line of beach to the line of cliff.

More seriously, I would ask if they really expect us to believe in the reconciliation on so deep a note of this nice butterfly and this callous husband, who never intended, but for the War, to come back from his big-game shooting, and who took no pains to arrange suitable guidance (there was a lawyer vaguely mentioned but he seems to have been singularly unobtrusive) for the obviously incompetent spouse whom he professes still to love?

SEE Gruenberg, Benjamin C. UZZELL, THOMAS H. Writing as a career; a handbook of literary vocational guidance.

The revived and wide-spread attention given to the study of the Bible, under the stimulus of recent Oriental travels and investigations, not only as a volume of religious guidance, but as an authentic record of most interesting and important events, has encouraged me to include a series of Lectures on some of the remarkable men identified with Jewish history.

I want detailed, explicit guidance . . .

" Here there came to M. Paul an urging of mysterious guidance, as if an inward voice had spoken to him and said that God was trying to save them, that He had put wisdom in this girl's mouth and that he must listen.

A quiet conscience is, after all, a great possession, and for the sake of a quiet conscience I will remain here, and you will be able to understand my scruple when you think how helpless my people are, and how essential is the kindly guidance of the priest.

This, then, is one possible method of supernatural guidance which we shall call "blind inspiration"for though the feeling or impulse is from God, the interpretation is from the subject's own mind.

She sat with her gray mantle shrouding her face, and neither of them spoke, while the gondola, under Piero's deft guidance, quickly gained the steps of the Piazzetta and passed on to San Giorgio.

Her tactful guidance was for the must part directed toward enabling them to develop and to govern themselves.

Seer blest, On whom those truths do rest Which we are toiling all our lives to find;" if you are a fair-minded man or woman, and have had much experience with young children, you will be compelled to confess that they generally have a tolerably clear sense of right and wrong, needing only gentle guidance to choose the right when it is put before them.

No strength I find in mine own feebleness To change or life or love or use or fate, Unless Thy heavenly guidance come, though late, Which only helps and stays our nothingness.

80 adjectives to describe  guidance