307 adjectives to describe happinesses

He certainly was not an adherent of the typical belief on this subject; the belief that a man on this earth is a combination of body and soul, in a statehis sole stateof 'probation'; that, when the body dies and decays, the soul continues to be the same absolute individual identity; and that it passes into a condition of eternal and irreversible happiness or misery, according to the faith entertained or the deeds done in the body.

The Church makes for domestic happiness, because it goes straight to the roots of life and plants happiness where happiness alone can grow.

Let the idle, the frivolous, the sensual, and those who, like Figaro's Marquis, have earned all earthly happiness by only taking the trouble to be bornlet them look back on this last awful Christmas-tide, and hear, speaking in fact unmistakeable, the voice of the Lord.

And he could picture her at a later date, already too severely punished for her lack of foresight, in despair at remaining childless, and bowed down with grief as by slow degrees her husband became blind, and night fell upon the little happiness yet left to them.

As the train drew out of the station Billie leaned back with a sigh of pure happiness.

Whatever may be the future of the Portuguese Republic, it has given the nation some weeks of unalloyed happiness.

Coleridge, you know not my supreme happiness at having one on earth (though counties separate us) whom I can call a friend.

Sir John BARNARD rose up, and spoke to the following effect:Mr. Chairman, it is the peculiar happiness of the Britons, that no law can be made without the consent of their representatives, and I hope no such infatuation can ever fall upon them as may influence them to choose a representative capable of concurring in absurdities like this.

We had supposed that love was based on mutual happiness.

Cymbeline forgave old Bellarius; for who could think of punishments at a season of such universal happiness: to find his daughter living, and his lost sons in the persons of his young deliverers, that he had seen so bravely fight in his defence, was unlooked-for joy indeed!

Men are impolitick, as they are wicked; because they prefer the gratification of the present hour to the assurance of solid and permanent, but distant happiness.

With such a love as she inspired, had he been faithful to it, he might have lived in radiant happiness, the idol and the pride of all admirers of genius wherever the English language is spoken, seated on a throne which kings might envy.

I have known several couples who lived years in comparative happiness after love had flown; who were kind to each other, considerate, business-like.

Whether you forget or remember me, I shall never forget you for a single instant, shall never cease to look back upon my lost happiness, as a man looks back upon a lost heaven.

It was, however, a fatal bar to all marital happiness, and led to the one and only possible dénouementtragedy.

It is only through restraint that the higher kinds of temporal happiness are reached, and as confusions are cleared away in process of discussion, it becomes patent that such restraint finds its motive directly or indirectly in religion.

He could not but acknowledge that the imposture he panted to expose was at least the source of much innocent happiness, and almost wished that the importance of religion, considered as an engine of policy, had been offered to his contemplation from this point of view, instead of the sordid and revolting aspect in which it had been exhibited by the old woman.

Yet how seldom is it exerted, in order to give a rational ground to expect permanent happiness in wedlock.

Now that it is known that you are the great- grandson of Edward Effingham, I think your chance of possessing the Wigwam would be quite equal to my own, even were we to look different ways in quest of married happiness.

Some again are brought to that madness by their superstitious priests (that tell them such vain stories of immortality, and the joys of heaven in that other life), that many thousands voluntarily break their own necks, as Cleombrotus Amborciatus, auditors of old, precipitate themselves, that they may participate of that unspeakable happiness in the other world.

It was the perfect solution of the difficulty; and as I put down the glass again I laughed softly in sheer happiness.

Fernando, though an amateur at the oar, would on no account be dissuaded from rowing the small boat to the promontory; and, having helped Morgianna, who was lightest, into a seat in the bow (inexpressible happiness) he cheerfully took his seat at the oars with the old men in the stern facing each other.

The exaltation, therefore, of what the authoress deems to be the religious, and the depretiation of what she considers to be the worldly character, and the influence of both upon matrimonial happiness, form the subject of this novelrather of this dramatic sermon.

Every one ought to fence against the Temper of his Climate or Constitution, and frequently to indulge in himself those Considerations which may give him a Serenity of Mind, and enable him to bear up chearfully against those little Evils and Misfortunes which are common to humane Nature, and which by a right Improvement of them will produce a Satiety of Joy, and an uninterrupted Happiness.

She waked from a refreshing sleep with a consciousness of happiness unknown for a long time.

307 adjectives to describe  happinesses