49 adjectives to describe headache

Before the dinner was half over he pleaded a severe headache, and, bidding his hostess good-night, hurried from the room.

And he could not get to sleep until daylight, and woke with a violent headache, and quite unrefreshed.

They are nervous headaches, she says, and are so bad that she shuts herself up in her room and will not let any of us in.

A slight headache.

" "Thank you, Ben, for wishing me to have a share in your amusements," his mother replied, "but I have a little headache this evening, and I shall be better off at home.

In prison he suffered from severe splitting headaches, which were probably due to changes in his pituitary.

She had gone to bed, prostrate with a neuralgic headache, and had given orders that no one but her maid should go near her.

Young Stevens had no definite recollection of how he ever got to bed; but he awoke next morning with a wretched headache and found himself in a red coat, with the epaulets and gold lace of an officer.

I have an awfully bilious headache.

That is to say, I came away because I had such a dreadful headache.

No matter if a dull headache or the painful cough of slow consumption had delayed the absentee, there was only time enough to mark the tardiness.

These constant headaches, the increasing nervous irritability from which Mrs. Coombe suffered lay like a shadow over the house.

I had an awful headache and I was exhausted!

If the bone of the cavity of the pituitary is softer and yielding, so that some enlargement of the gland is possible, especially of the anterior, there appear rapid growth with a tendency to high blood pressure, great mental activity associated with frequent and severe headaches (often of the migraine type), a combination of initiative and irritability and a marked sexuality.

The editor, pleading a terrific headache, said good-night, or rather good-morning, to his hostess, and withdrew.

In hyperæmic headache cupping and blood-letting have been recommended; but as a rule both procedures are not only unnecessary but positively inadmissible, as exclusion of the superfluous amount of blood by compression upon the carotids, followed by a corresponding dilatation of the peripheral circulation by means of the foot-bath, will almost always be sufficient to cause a permanent cessation of the symptoms.

It was followed by an incessant headache, which made life a burden, with obstinate indigestion.

Upon seeing the windows opened wide to admit freely the healthful sea-breeze and the echoes of its eternal lament, no one in the Philippines would have said that a sick person was to be found there, since it is the custom to close all the windows and stop up all the cracks just as soon as any one catches a cold or gets an insignificant headache.

The appetite is extinguished or depraved, and intense headache racks the frame, the whole system is prostrated, as from a partial paralysis (all these results being the voice of Nature's sharp warning of this great wrong), and a rest of some days is needed before the system fully recovers from the injury inflicted.

His demeanor was that of a man suffering an intolerable headache and correspondingly short-tempered.

She took such consolation from this thought that she faced her mother unflinchingly at tea, and baffled the maternal inquest on her "redness of eyes" by the school-girl's invaluable and ever-ready headache.

Aside from a manageable headache, he felt loose and relaxed.

A pleasant evening's recreation, with no opportunity of accumulating the material for either mental or physical headache.

While all his life, and especially in his younger years, he was a sufferer from occasional severe headaches, he never let these interfere with the work on hand, and, by leading a sane and rational life, he escaped all serious illnesses.

"With a painful headache I walked to York; but the satisfaction of mind I felt in keeping the path of duty, amply repaid me.

49 adjectives to describe  headache