26 adjectives to describe healing

Jesus enunciated and exemplified the principle; and, obviously, the conditions requisite in psychic healing to-day are the same as were necessary in apostolic times.

I will therefore examine the broad principles which appear to be common to the various methods of mental healing which are in use, each of which derives its efficacy, not from the peculiarity of the method, but from it being such a method as allows the higher laws of Nature to come into play.

The Principles of stellar healing.

From that hour dated her conviction of the principle of divine healing, and that it is as true to-day as it was in the days when Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth.

At the supper table, whose scanty fare was well cooked, Uncle Pros and Johnnie had to tell again, and yet again, the story of that miraculous healing which both husband and wife could see was genuine.

In the modern revival of the almost lost art and science of psychic healing among the general public, there has been unusual stress laid upon the feature of "absent healing," in which the patient and the healer are not in each other's presence.

Next therefore to God in all our extremities ("for of the most high cometh healing," Ecclus. xxxviii.

In the instruction along the lines of distant mental healing, the student is taught to visualize the patient as strongly and clearly as possible, and to then proceed to make statements of health and strength.

Her discovery was first called "the science of divine metaphysical healing."

But always, when our hurts are fast healing without help, the help comes.

"Do you remember the belief which I have often expressed to you,the belief that the dispensation of miracles has never yet ceased from earth,that we have still a right to expect signs, wonders, instantaneous healings, and unknown tongues,and that, but for our wretched incredulity, these things would constantly happen among us?

This method was revived about twenty years ago in America and Europe by the new school of "magnetic healing" which sprung rapidly into public favor.

"I would not weary thee, my daughter, having spoken the truth which I would fain have thee embrace for thine own healing.

The Augusta Barracken Hospital is on the outskirts of Budapesta characteristic product of the war, wholesale healing for wholesale maiming1,000 beds and all the essentials, in what, two months before, was a vacant lot by the railroad tracks.

But this I know, my heart hath found in thee The crown of life, the glory of the soul, The healing of all strife, the making whole Of my imperfect being,yea, of me!

Don't hurt any one if you can help it, but if you must, a clean, quick wound heals soonest.

Now, having finished our meal, the bo'sun took out the lint, bandages and ointment, which they had sent us from the hulk, and proceeded to dress our hurts, beginning with him who had lost his fingers, which, happily, were making a very healthy heal.

Suddenly it came over him that she must expect him to say more, to be passionate, to say that he loved her beyond all mortal things, and set her far above immortality itself, and such unproportioned phrases of the love-sick when the instant healing of response touches the fainting heart.

But legends tell that on his grave fell such a strange, pure light, That wine-red roses planted thereupon would spring up white, Holding such mystic healing in their cool snow bloom, that lain On aching brows or sorrowful hearts, they would ease their pain.

Chills can be caught amidst the most glorious scenerythe little tufts of purple self-heal at my feet were shivering and shaking in a biting breeze that swept down from the snows to the north-east, and although I am an admirer of Kingsley, I do not hold with him in his wrong-headed admiration for a "nor'-easter"so I quitted my perch in search of tea.

Rev. Charles G. Finney, during his life-time, was familiar with the circumstances connected with the remarkable healing of a sick lady in Oberlin, O., the wife of Rev. R.D. Miller, and these facts were vouched for as unquestionably authentic.

Is there more than one school of scientific healing?

Afterwards when I went into the court, I heard someone in the stable with George, and looking in, I saw my friend of a few moments before examining my horse's hoof and telling my boy what would make the sore heal quickly.

The other schools of psychic healing, generally known as "mental healing," "spiritual healing," "divine healing," etc., generally frown upon the use of the hands in psychic healing, deeming it "too material," and too much allied to hypnotism, etc.

The sudden healing of these cutaneous affections has again and again been followed by head-disease.

26 adjectives to describe  healing