11 adjectives to describe henchman

An' some day Andy's goin' to give Pet the time o' his life," the single faithful henchman kept saying.

Immediately its loyal henchmen in the Wilson administration rushed to the rescue.

The female villain of the piece and her craven henchman were foiled by the sturdy but wily trustee and the doughty Carolina colonel who, in headlong, aristocratic championship of those threatened with oppression against the moral sense of the community, charged upon the scene and counseled slaughter if necessary in defense of negroes who were none of his.

He left with an increased reputation, while Clerambault was supposed to have sheltered himself behind his devoted henchman.

When he came in, a crowd of noisy henchmen gathered round him to discuss all over again the great news that had been keeping "the Party" in feverish excitement for a week past: the Cortes were to be dissolved!

Through his numerous henchmen the counselor kept watch upon the young man.

The memory brought back to him his squat henchman's weird jumbling of the strike system.

It appears that Pietro Urbano, Michelangelo's trusty henchman at this period, said something which angered Lodovico, and made him set off in a rage to Settignano: "Dearest Father,I marvelled much at what had happened to you the other day, when I did not find you at home.

If I had any one ambition it was to live long enough to regain my freedom and put behind prison bars this doctor and his burly henchmen.

" Peter went through the blue velvet hangings, past the worthy henchman, who sat dozing in his chair, and made his way to the front door.

Before he could be obeyed by his confused henchmen, Diablo shot into the air and at the very crest of his rise, bucked.

11 adjectives to describe  henchman