87 adjectives to describe hiding

the Boy shouted through the "mushing"; and he tugged at the goodly load, so neatly disposed under an old reindeer-skin sleeping-bag, and lashed down with raw hide. That?

"Miss Hyslop's skin is not like my tough hide.

I've a tolerably thick hide, but if they didn't bite me some, I wouldn't say so.

" Thereat enraged, soone he gan upstart, Grinding his teeth, and grating his great hart; And, rouzing up himselfe, for his rough hide 1335

A clean hide, mind you, is next to a clean heart.

But, indeed, I had no mind to aught, save that we come clear of that place; and I watched the Monster, through places between the boulders; and surely, in a little while, it swayed the great head very slow and quiet unto the cliff that did make that side of the Gorge; and the Brute set unto the Cliff, and began that it went upward with a strange moving of muscles that did go wavewise under the wet and horrid-gleaming hide.

Their legs were bare; the undressed hide of the deer gave them buskins, a plaid covered the shoulders, and a broadsword, a dagger, a studded targe, completed the outfit.

Observe how sleek And glossy smooth his coat: no streak On sattin ever match'd the pride Of that which marks his furry hide.

Suddenly you see the tawny yellow hide, as the tiger slouches along.

That's always the waymy dolls are invariably stuffed with sawdust, and I never have a dear gazelle to glad me with his dappled hide, but when he comes to know me well he falls upon the buttered sideor something to that effect.

Then with myself I counselled how to strip From off the dead beast's limbs his shaggy hide, A task full onerous, since I found it proof Against all blows of steel or stone or wood.

A curious Coffer made of heben* wood, That in it did most precious treasure hide, Exceeding all this baser worldës good: 620 Yet through the overflowing of the flood It almost drowned was and done to nought, That sight thereof much griev'd my pensive thought.

In irregular fashion, wherever the ground favored, the lodges of moose hide were pitched.

"I dug in the snow for the dead cattle, but found none, and we had to go back to our saltless old bullock hide, days before the Second Relief got to us, on the first of March.

But just remember, my fine and dandy little gentleman, that once I do find you, I will not be so lenient on your crummy hiding little hide!"

but know amidst what Flowers Or in what Shade she stays, The gaudy Bowers, With all their verdant Pride, Their Blossoms and their Sprays, Which make my Mistress disappear; And her in envious Darkness hide, I from the Roots and Beds of Earth would tear.

680 This she desired her to accept, and stay For fear she might be wilder'd in her way, Because she wanted an unerring guide; And then the dew-drops on her silken hide Her tender constitution did declare, Too lady-like a long fatigue to bear, And rough inclemencies of raw nocturnal air.

I afterwards heard that this plain is noted for panther and wolf, also an animal called the "peshkori," somewhat larger than a cat, with a reddish-coloured hide.

Witnesse, ye muses, how I wilful sung These heady rhimes, withouten second care; And wish'd them worse my guilty thoughts among; The ruder satire should go ragg'd and bare, And shew his rougher and his hairy hide, Tho' mine be smooth, and deck'd in carelesse pride.

And there were monstrous warts upon the thing, and indents and a mighty ruggedness and lumpings; as it were that it did be pimpled with great boulders that were inbred within that monstrous hide.

ten thousand stinks Wait on thy mangy hide, thou lowzy Bear-ward.

At first two or three hundred dry and green hides were thrown in, and these hid me; but later on two or three tiers of cotton bales were put in the center of the hull, and, when the boat started, I got upon the top of these, and lay there.

The straps with rich enamel decked I bid you lay aside; And bind the rowels to my heel With thongs of dusky hide.

The ground beneath the trees is covered with a luxuriant crop of grasses, chiefly triticum, bromus, and calamagrostis, with purple spikes and panicles arching to one's shoulders; while the open meadow patches glow throughout the summer with showy flowers,heleniums, goldenrods, erigerons, lupines, castilleias, and lilies, and form favorite hiding and feeding-grounds for bears and deer.

83 Silent in smoke of cannon they come on: Such vapours once did fiery Cacus hide: In these the height of pleased revenge is shown, Who burn contented by another's side.

87 adjectives to describe  hiding