14 adjectives to describe highland

The furthest line was big Unaka, but this passionate lover of her native highlands gave it neither thought nor glance, as she tramped steadily with lifted face, following unconsciously the beckoning finger of Fate.

This village is the first of a long series of "Tarrants" that run up into the remote highlands of Cranborne Chase.

As in the lowlands, bordering upon large bodies of water, in all tropical and semi-tropical countries, we found, to our horror and dismay, the mosquitoes in ferocious, bloodthirsty swarms which rendered life not worth the living; so, as soon as we could, without seriously offending our host, we took our flight, at least what little there was left of us, to the delightful highlands of Marion County.

But the presence of a distant highland forming a bluff in the North-East soon dispels this idea.

The lush green South eventually gave way to the Texas plains and then the dry highlands of New Mexico.

ORANGE RIVER or GARIEP, chief river of South Africa, rises in the eastern highlands of Basutoland, and flows 100 m. westward to the Atlantic, receiving the Vaal and the Caledon as tributaries, and having Cape Colony on the S. bank and the Orange Free State, Griqualand West, Bechuanaland, and German Namaqualand on the N.; a bar at the mouth and the aridity of its lower course make it unfit for navigation.

Later, he went about, first on the shore which gradually widened and became so large that there was room for fields and meadows and farmsthen up on the flat highland, which lay in the middle of the island, and where there were no buildings except windmills, and where the turf was so thin that the white cement shone under it.

When explorers began to study the healthful highlands of the Akikuyu tribe in East Africa a few years ago, the natives rushed to arms.

One, the hill way, leaves the Salisbury road half a mile from the town and, passing another earthwork on Pimperne Down, makes for the lonely and beautiful wooded highlands of Cranborne Chase, with but one villageMelbury Abbasin the long ten miles of rough and hilly road.

Anzi two cities of the territory I captured and slew their soldiers; 95 their spoil I carried off; the cities I burned with fire; six lakes I crossed over in Kasyari, a rugged highland for the passage of chariots and an army 96 unsuited; (the hills with instruments of iron I cut through [and] with rollers of metal I beat down;) the chariots and army I brought over.

They came from untamable highlands, From glens where their fathers were free, From misty and mountainous islands Set fast in the throat of the sea; They fought for the honour of Britain; They died in defence of the right; Their deeds are in history written In letters of light.

At last they rode on almost bare highland, where the dean could look in every direction.

Colonel Rondon has spent the last twenty-four years in exploring the western highlands of Brazil, pioneering the way for telegraph-lines and railroads.

TheBus returned across a central highland between two mountain groups.

14 adjectives to describe  highland