163 adjectives to describe hints

Some useful hints are also afforded on the subject of legislation and jurisprudence.

This hideous picture is a striking instance of the uses to which imaginative power may turn the slightest hint, and of horror augmented till it reach that extreme point at which the ridiculous commences.

A gentle hint from his boy set him thinking!!

" He took her hand and bowed over it very low, and looked for an instant into her eyes, with a faint hint of curiosity.

Now, as Grace, her own daughter, was the only lady of the party who could reasonably be supposed to have much influence over John's movementsa young gentleman seldom caring as much for his own as for other people's sisters, this may be fairly set down as a pretty broad hint of the opinion the dowager entertained of the real state of things; and John saw it, and Grace saw it.

" To acquire this important habit, the practice of reading at a slow pace the words of the Breviary, authors suggest several little hints.

Karl Steinmetz had thrown out one or two vague hints; everything pointed to it.

It was Crewe's impression that by watching Birchill in the dock and Birchill's friends in the gallery he might pick up a valuable hint or two.

"The church college," he retorted with the merest hint of asperity, "is at the bottom of all that people call higher education.

As a rule they never mind giving a helpful hint.

Let us take a concrete example:In a recently published and widely applauded cookbook put out by a whole committee of Adamistic philosophers, it is stated that the object of the book is to give practical hints as to the various ways in which "economies can be effected and waste saved;" and yet no saving of the woman's time, nerves and muscles is referred to from cover to cover.

" The Brahmin then added: "Though our party are the only voyagers of which authentic history affords any testimony, yet it is probable, from obscure hints in some of our most ancient writings in the Sanscrit, that the voyage has been made in remote periods of antiquity; and the Lunarians have a similar tradition.

His notes are short and useful to those who, having studied the psalms, can recall their meaning by a few brief hints.

When the wording of the significant hint was conveyed to Rosas, he exclaimed,"Well, what does it mean?"

She grows intolerant of friendly hints.

"I must remind you that they were far less deliberate in my day," said she, with a delicate hint of reminiscence in her tone.

Upon these, and many like reflections, I afterwards made it a certain rule with me, that whenever I found those secret hints or pressings of mind, to doing or not doing any thing that presented, or going this way or that way, I never failed to obey the secret dictate; though I knew no other reason for it than that such a pressure, or such a hint, hung upon my mind.

They were, indeed, for the most part, mere farragos of theories, guesses, blood-curdling suggestions, and mysterious hints of important information confided to the reporters but withheld from the public until the criminal had been run to earth.

No metre had any difficulties for her, and no theme seemed dull to her vivid intelligence,her fancy being roused to action in a moment, by the barest hint given either by Nature or Art.

Do we long to find something there, in the form of premises or conclusions, of arguing or of inference, in broad statements or blind hints, creed-wise or fact-wise, which may set us free from the light and power of first principles?

The wily count saw into the workings of her soul; and while he seemed as if he would not discover the whole of his sentiments for fear of disobliging her, threw out the plainest hints, that Louisa had made him advances which would have been very flattering to a heart not pre-engaged, till Melanthe, not able to contain her rage, broke out into the fevered invectives against the innocent Louisa.

Twice the big wolf trotted out to one side, returned and trotted out again in the same direction; and Noel, taking the subtle hint, as an Indian always does, bore steadily to the right till the great ridge, beyond which the Lodge was hidden, loomed over the tree-tops.

Her uncle's form approaching was quite a sufficient hint to her to make herself scarce.

To fill the newspapers with sly hints of corruption and intrigue, to circulate the Middlesex Journal, and London Pacquet, may, indeed, be zeal; but it may, likewise, be interest and malice.

When I was alone with him, I talked of nothing else; and in company I gave him frequent hints of it.

163 adjectives to describe  hints