227 adjectives to describe honoured

The account which the learned judge Hale gives of the lawyers, who pleaded in the 15th century, does them little honour.

Pausanias says he received divine honours.

A young Admiral, of noble birth, doth likewise, this month, gain immortal honour by a great achievement.

In the year of our Lord 1766, The 25th of his life, After a long and extremely painful illness, Which he supported with admirable patience and fortitude, He died at Rome, Where, notwithstanding the difference of religion, Such extraordinary honours were paid to his memory, As had never graced that of any other British Subject, Since the death of Sir Philip Sidney.

It was Mr. Biddulph, a relation of the Tichborne family, a good-natured, amiable man, willing to oblige any one, and a county magistrate"one of the most amiable county magistrates I have ever met, a man of the strictest honour and unimpeachable integrity.

Let us go to the next best:there is nobody; no man can be said to put you in mind of Johnson.' As Johnson had abundant homage paid to him during his life, so no writer in this nation ever had such an accumulation of literary honours after his death.

In consideration of these services the Emperor was pleased to bestow those distinguished honours upon me which thou didst witness at his palace gate, dear brother.

Thus then, to the eternal honour of Ægypt and Athens, they were the only places that we can find, where slaves were considered with any humanity at all.

It required a great deal of deliberation on his part before he could make up his mind to the step, but he needed his old steward's assistance in a little plan he had conceived for his son's benefit, and for the first time in his life he paid him the supreme honour of a call.

I think the marshal preferred his military title very much to his civic honours.

"And to what," he enquired with the tedious irony of ennui, "is one indebted for this unexpected honour on the part of the First Under-Secretary of the British Secret Service?

Where the great religious movement of the last century in England is to be traced to any human influence, the mother of John and Charles Wesley must have a large share of the sacred honour.

He obliges his partisans to pay him regal honours, and tells them that he is the Christ, the Anointed of the Lord, the Messiah, the king promised to the Jews, and he wishes to be addressed by these fine titles.'

Johnson was desirous that it should come from one who had obtained academical honours; and for that purpose his friend, the rev.

Sir Andrew added: 'This disobedience of your humble and devoted physician for the sake of his friend, the crowned King of Song, struck the crowned King of Kings so much that, so far from being offended, he took a noble view, and, as a mark of signal honour, sent me the Star of the Second Class of the Lion and Sun of Persia.'

You have heard him described as a man of unsullied honour, as a man whose character is above reproach; a man who is trusted implicitly by those who have had dealings with him.

The King has been pleased to command that his great and gallant servant shall be buried with funeral honours suitable to the splendid services he rendered to his country, and that the body shall be conveyed by water to Greenwich, in order to be laid in state.

This I said, before I knew that he was a governour of the foundlings; but he seems inclined to punish this failure of respect, as the czar of Muscovy made war upon Sweden, because he was not treated with sufficient honours, when he passed through the country in disguise.

When Isabel came in the morning, Angelo desired she might be admitted alone to his presence; and being there, he said to her, if she would yield to him her virgin honour, and transgress even as Juliet had done with Claudio, he would give her her brother's life: "for," said he, "I love you, Isabel."

Hark ye, Beltane, and mark me wellthere ne'er lived wife of so stainless honour as the noble woman that bare thee!"

He had meant to read for double honours, but illness, brought on by over- work, obliged him to confine himself to classics.

If it is a question of religious honour, whether I am one or among many I must stand upon my doctrine.

" Rustem, thus answering said:"Thou art the King, Source of command, pure honour's sacred spring; And here I stand to follow thy behest, Obedient everbe thy will expressed, And services requiredOld age shall see My loins still bound in fealty to thee." To this the King:"Rejoice we then to-day, And on the morrow marshal our array.

Miss Sharp only folded her own hands with a very frigid smile and bow, and quite declined to accept the proffered honour; on which Miss Pinkerton tossed up her turban more indignantly than ever.

But the instinct of his heart was to think highly of female nature, and to pay a real homage (not the hollow demonstration of outward honour which a Frenchman calls his "homage," and which is really a mask for contempt) to the sacred idea of pure and virtuous womanhood.

227 adjectives to describe  honoured