63 adjectives to describe hook

He put his prettiest fly and his sharpest hook on his longest line, and, for hours, gently whipped the ripples.

She is a robust, rather handsome woman, with many rings on her fingers, and a pair of glasses hanging to a little gold hook on her ample bosom; but this morning she, too, looked worried and old.

Protected from hostile violence and invasion by a moral defence, more powerful than armies and navies, we might indeed beat our swords into ploughshares and our spears into pruning hooks.

I took off the fly from my line, and fastened upon it half a dozen snells with bare hooks, attached a small sinker, and dropped quietly among them.

Quaint little folding cases fastened with tiny hook, Seemingly made to tempt one to lift up the latch and look; Linings of purple velvet, odd little frames of gold, Circling the faded faces brought from the days of old.

I see, we scholars fish for a living in these shallow fords without a silver hook.

Engage the snap hook on the pack suspenders in the lower suspension rings.

And wanton Shepherds be to me delightful, Nor the shrill pleasing sound of merry pipes Under some shady dell, when the cool wind Plays on the leaves: all be far away, Since thou art far away; by whose dear side How often have I sat Crown'd with fresh flowers For summers Queen, whil'st every Shepherds Boy Puts on his lusty green, with gaudy hook, And hanging scrip of finest Cordevan.

"It needs an extra hook," she murmured.

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On the outer edge of the bar, near the head of Carlton Island, we caught between seventy and eighty in one afternoon, weighing from three to five pounds each, every one of which fought like a hero, diving with a plunge for the bottom, skiving with a rush down, across, or up the river; leaping clear from the water and shaking his head furiously, to throw the hook loose from his jaw, before surrendering to his fate.

One by one the helpers seized them with their cant-hooks, crowded them into the chutes and hurried them along to the whirling saws.

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Automatic lubrication for sewing hook of Singer 400W machines.

But if each of the hooks is a crotchet, as Webster suggests, and almost every body supposes, then both lexicographers are wrong in not making the whole expression plural: thus, "Crotchets, in printing, are angular hooks usually including some explanatory words."

he got them hind hooks on thet air dog he 'd rake his ribs right off," said D'ri, as he lifted his hat to scratch his head.

And then, just as everything was being arranged at our "Knitters' Peace Procession" committee meetings, I found that Beryl Clarges had stolen my idea and was arranging a "Crochet Peace Procession," with an immense gilt crochet-hook to be carried in front, and a banner with some nonsense about crochet on it, and herself on a triumphal car dressed in crochet!

returned the pretended fisherman, leisurely drawing in a line, which the quick eye of Wilder saw, though abundantly provided with lead at the end, was destitute of the equally material implementthe hook; "What part, Captain!

For, as the Spanish soldiers ran from the English, one of them was caught in the innumerable hooks of the Croc-chien, and never looking behind him in his terror, began shouting, 'Suelta mi, Ingles!' (Let me go, Englishman!)or, as others have it, 'Valga mi, Ingles!' (Take ransom for me, Englishman!)which name the palm bears unto this day.

Headforemost he dove into space, but the clutching hand found something at lastthe projecting hook of an old eaves-trough that had long since been removedand to this he clung fast in spite of the jerk of his arrested body, which threatened to tear away his grip.

A high narrow shoulder is frequently attended with a ridged back-bone, and lowset narrow hooks, a form which gets the appropriate name of razor-back, with which will always be found a deficiency of flesh in all the upper part of the animal, where the best flesh always is.

The rope was fastened to a massive iron hook and ran across a curved wooden horse at the tug's stern.

returned the pretended fisherman, leisurely drawing in a line, which the quick eye of Wilder saw, though abundantly provided with lead at the end, was destitute of the equally material implementthe hook; "What part, Captain!

Languages seemed to come easily to Mark-he could absorb concepts and find mental hooks to hang them on with no noticeable effort at all.

63 adjectives to describe  hook