512 adjectives to describe hoping

Sauvallier with a little hope.

How few of the officers in your western armies, ever hesitate to march, at the head of their men, on a forlorn hope?

And not once, but many times, did I perceive that some of them, puffed up with vain hopes because of this, boasted foolishly of it to their companions.

Poor mother, who believes the worst whenever we are out of her sight, has given up all but the faintest hope.

He has realized his fondest hopes.

But this life was not for him,he remembered that; the girl was nothing to him now: he was not fool enough to taunt himself with false hopes.

No, I could not bring my mind exactly to that; but I had a vague, undefined hope, that if we met, some new provocation on his part would afford me just occasion for avenging myself on all; so ingenious, my dear friend, is the sophistry of the passions.

Then was come the time when I feared most for his safety, although, if the sentinel had failed to see him making his way across the open space, we might have reasonable hope that the remainder of his scheme, less dangerous, could be worked without mishap.

But all their sanguine hopes were damped when they found, on entering the French territories, that neither did the constable open his gates to them nor the Duke of Burgundy bring them the smallest assistance.

Can we find a better hope for our civilization to-day?

There had been a secret hope that she would meet Shade on the way to the mill, or that Mrs. Bence would finally get through in time to accompany her.

And we express to every available listener the earnest hope that SKEBACH and FECHTER will profit by her success, and at once begin the study of English, with the view of devoting their efforts hereafter to the American stage.

The common people, in some countries, particularly Italy, Germany, and France often denied themselves the common necessaries of life, to save as much as would purchase a few drops of the tincture of gold, which was offered for sale by some superstitious or fraudulent chemist: and so thoroughly persuaded were they of the efficacy of this remedy, that it afforded them in every instance the most confident and only hope of recovery.

There was slight hope for the fleeing couple, at least for the baby.

I flung myself on my knees in my room, and strove to realise the sudden hope.

Quite apart from the likelihood that the Gadarene may have gossiped at table about the messianic hopes of the Hebrews, which of course he knew, it is not conceivable that he never betrayed any knowledge of, or interest in, the prophetic ideas with which his native country teemed.

In a boat were discovered two skeletons; and amongst other books a Bible, numerous passages in which were underlined, showing that these gallant men in their last hours had the comfort of God's Word to support them when earthly hopes had passed away.

"Are the doctors quite sure that nothing can be done?" "Quite sure, Fraulein Hildreth," answered the woman with a smile, "but there is one glorious hope they can't take from me.

Early next morning I made up a bundle of bread, tied my note-book to my belt, and strode away in the bracing air, full of eager, indefinite hope.

There is in most churches, however we may dislike to own the fact, a decrease of interest and proportionate membership, a waning prestige, a general air of discouragement, and a tale of baffled efforts and of disappointed hopes.

He was the only son of his aged father and mother, the protector of his sisters, and, he might say, the sole hope of a rising family; and then, possibly, Denbigh might not have meant to offend himhe might even have been engaged before they came to the house; or if not, it might have been inadvertence on the part of Miss Moseley.

A truant schoolboy's wantonness could blast Their flattering hopes, and leave them both to wail.

for us all some sweet hope lies Deeply buried from human eyes; "And, in the hereafter, angels may Roll the stone from its grave away!"

There is all the helplessness, and humble hope, and death-like prayer that can arise from the grave'implora pace.'

'Ay; but, (said Mr. M'Queen,) the man in the ship has the pleasing hope of getting to shore.'

512 adjectives to describe  hoping