322 adjectives to describe horrors

"As she passed me her eyes met mine, and I thought I saw a strange fixed kind of glare in themthe look of a woman filled with some unspeakable horror.

The Congress room was very hot (all the colleagues seemed to have a holy horror of open windows)and some of the men very long and tedious in stating their cases.

Alexandre who was close in the rear, almost touching him so as not to lose him, certainly detected the void and the gust which followed the fall, as with sudden horror the flooring failed beneath them; but force of motion carried him on, he stepped forward in his turn, howled and likewise fell, head over heels.

Her eyes reflected all the unutterable horror which for the moment dominated her mind, while her loosened hair, disarranged by struggle, only served to intensify the pallor of her face.

She was asked to do what no American woman had before attempted, and the life of a foreign missionary seemed full of unknown horrors.

The sight of the deliberate wound, the blood, the cry of agony that came from the victim, the calmness of all the lookers-on, filled me with horror and rage indescribable.

She had heard a soft thud and to her utter horror she saw a thin bluish green snake which had obviously dropped from the roof making loops all over and around the cradle.

he exclaimed, in a sort of politico pious horror.

The murder, under the forms of a court-martial, of the Maire of Senlis and his five fellow hostages stands out among the innumerable German cruelties as one of peculiar horror.

They could have none of that wholly novel, strange, incalculable character which sometimes had given to the chances of my etherial voyage a vague horror and mystery that appalled imagination.

" A superstitious horror seized on Sandersen.

This scene left an impression of the utmost horror upon me.

At a time resembling our own but even exceeding it in tragic horror, amid the convulsions of the League, the Chief-Magistrate Guillaume Du Vair wrote his noble Dialogues, "

They have a mortal dread to lop off or cut any part of it, and affirm with a religious horror that some persons who had the temerity to hurt it, were afterwards severely punished for their sacrilege.

Cæsar thus despatched, Brutus advanced to speak to the senate and to assign his reasons for what he had done, but they could not bear to hear him; they fled out of the house and filled the people with inexpressible horror and dismay.

It is a trade, a life of robbery, that vaults through all the gradations of the climax at a leapthe dread, terrific, giant robbery, that towers among other robberies, a solitary horror, monarch of the realm.

Such were the data Basil French's inquiry would elicit: her own six engagements and her mother's three nullified marriagesnine nice distinct little horrors in all.

But sacred horror held me back.

For the fraction of a second the cook gazed at him in speechless horror, and then, with a hopeless cry, sprang ashore and ran for it, hotly pursued by his enraged victim.

Indeed, there is a rather deep-rooted prejudice against them as food, people having been so long accustomed to regard them as an unconsidered trifle to accompany the wine after a big dinner, and as in this connection they usually call up visions of dyspepsia, many people regard the idea of their bulking at all largely in a meal with undisguised horror.

Amid fire and fury, the rich and fertile countryside was transformed into a vast scene of ruin and desolation, while heroism and self-sacrifice abounded on both sides, men were maddened by the frenzy of the fight and the ghastly horrors of night and day, and Death stalked gloatingly and glutted, but never surfeited, over the bloody field.

She listened in genuine horror while I gave the reasons why she might justly regard the call of our minister and her entertainment of the Club as nothing short of adventuresadventures which she had survived scathless

I have the most abject horror of fevers and that is enough to make me catch it.

He had an extreme horror of infection, as will appear from the following illustration.

He was not a superstitious man, but, in the visions which haunted him, perhaps, was something which made him unusually excitablefor, he experienced a chill of absolute horror, as, standing at the farther end of the room, with his face turned towards the entrance, he beheld the door noiselessly and slowly pushed open, by a pale, thin hand, and a figure dressed in a loose white robe, glide softly in.

322 adjectives to describe  horrors