75 adjectives to describe hurry

On running out to see what was the matter, he fell into the arms of a stranger who was crossing his yard in a desperate hurry.

They were not hunting, and they were in a mighty hurry.

" "Why didn't he come in?" "Awful hurry to get to somebody that sent for him.

He devoured the food, mincemeat, meatbone, bread, cheese, and pork pie, all at oncemore like a man who was putting it away somewhere in a violent hurry, than a man who was eating it, only stopping from time to time to listen.

He had not taken above twenty steps, when, hearing footsteps behind him, he turned his head to discover Captain Obadiah skipping rapidly after him in a prodigious hurry, swinging his cane and chuckling preposterously to himself, as though in the enjoyment of some most exquisite piece of drollery.

There is surely no immediate hurry for your departure!

We had better hurry, too; we're a long way off still, and I don't fancy, now, being caught out here in the dark.

Mrs. Leithcourt opened it, and at once went off into hysterics, while her husband, in a breathless hurry, slipped off his evening clothes again and got into an old blue serge suit, tossed a few things into a bag, and then went along to Muriel's room to urge her to prepare for secret flight.

"Now you can go, if you are in such a tremendous hurry, Randolph: only don't try any more of such toploftiness with me.

Then I knew that if I hadn't been in such a damned hurry I might have married you.

His extensive practice kept him in a perpetual hurry, and he had little time free beyond his dejeuner hour.

" He and Max showed no signs of being in any unusual hurry as they left the cabin.

Neither of them was in the slightest hurry.

The continual hurry of the action, the variety of incidents, and the quick succession of one personage to another, call the mind forward, without intermission, from the first act to the last.

No doubt, such petty feeling hurries forward many premature matches.

" "Irish MikeMasser want you in monstrous hurry," cried the youngest of the three black men, thrusting his glistening lace into the door, announcing the object of the intrusion, and disappearing almost in the same instant.

The Travelling Ladies, who have half the Town to see in an Afternoon, may be pardoned for being in constant Hurry; but it is inexcusable in Men to come where they have no Business, to profess they absent themselves where they have.

"A kid gave it to me at the doora messenger boywho said he was in a tearing hurry.

I am in a fearful hurry, or I would write to her.

As the dusky squadron hurries, like an incarnate whirlwind, from one point to another, every one prudently withdraws from their irresistible advance; and instances have occurred in which large bodies of troops, marching across the Plains, have been scattered and routed by an accidental charge of some such wild-eyed regiment.

" "I am in no especial hurry, and I shall be most happy to take a turn round the Park with you.

Oh, no! I did n't want him to pine entirely away, but he needn't have been in such an everlasting hurry to get fat and prosperous over it.

As is almost always the case, when there is need for exceptional hurry, all sorts of trifling delays occurred, and several precious minutes were wasted before a start could be made.

There is, to the stranger, an appearance of extreme hurry in Chicago, and the streets are very peculiar in not having a lady walking in them.

All these delays, however, were over, and I was now in a feverish hurry to be off.

75 adjectives to describe  hurry