28 adjectives to describe hurting

In allusion to the last of these, she often prayed, "O Lord Jesus, hear a poor little girl, do give me that beautiful white dress, without one spot or one stain;" and once when her mother noticed a little hurt on her arm occasioned by her putting on a change of dress, she sweetly said, "Never mind that, dear mother; my next dress will not hurt me.

These in your presumption you have taken by force, to your own most grievous hurt.

"'Tis a mortal hurt, and I rejoice in it.

I had to ask Shalah for help, though it was a sore hurt to my pride, and, leaning on his arm, I made the rest of the journey.

No power on earth could have made him complete that sentence, made him admit the deadly hurt it suggested.

In the following verse, another case of personal injury is stated, not intentional, nor extending to life or limb, a mere accidental hurt, for which the injurer is to pay a sum of money; and yet our translators employ the same phraseology in both places.

So he talked and reasoned with himself, trying to keep the cruel hurt of the words out of his heart.

Once she congratulated him upon his recovery from what had seemed so dangerous a hurt.

And I to be so angered that I near shook her, and she to see how I did be, and that she did be nigh to be shaken, because that I was grown so angry that she should let herself come to this foolish hurt, that yet I did know was very dear unto her secret heart.

This the soul's mirror and the body's guide, Love's cabinet, bright beacons of the realm, Casements of light, quiver of Cupid's shafts, Wherein I sit, and immediately receive The species of things corporeal, Keeping continual watch and sentinel; Lest foreign hurt invade our Microcosm, And warning give (if pleasant things approach), To entertain them.

Just as when a sea-worm perforates the shell of an oyster, the oyster straightway closes the wound with a pearl, so does a forgiving spirit heal the hidden hurt of the heart, and win for itself a boon even at the hands of its foe.

He hesitated when he reached the door, smarting with his honest hurt; and he paused there and made a request.

And yet I have seen many excellent men Besotted thus, and some that bore till death, In the crook'd vision and embittered tongue, The effect of this strange poison, like a scar, An ineradicable hurt; but Fate, Who deals more wondrously in this disease Even than in others, yet doth sometimes will To make the same thing unto different men Evil or good.

If the inner hurt served to sharpen his voice, he did not know it.

There was a tremendous surface wound, big enough to put a pumpkin into, but very little internal hurt.

It was that same quality of dignity in his love that had restrained him from seeking a deliberate quarrel with Jack before now; and though he fumed inwardly while his outer hurts healed, he resolved to wait.

The blow broke one of my fingers, and bruised my hand very much; and it proved a very painful hurt to me.

Descending to the quarter-deck, he approached the master, who was seated in a chair, while the surgeon dressed a severe hurt in one of his legs.

The law of Illinois very coolly hanged the survivor; and from that time to this, other remedies have been found for spiritual hurts, real or imaginary.

The volunteers did their part, and had their share of the loss too, for thirteen or fourteen were killed out of thirty-seven, besides the wounded, among whom I received a hurt more troublesome than dangerous by a thrust of a halberd into my arm, which proved a very painful wound, and I was a great while before it was thoroughly recovered.

I do most solemnly swear, Ibrahim, that I will do thee no wilful hurt.

It seemed she could bear the actual hurt to herself better than thought of the hurt it would have been to them.

One of them, however, got a fall, and either lay there or crawled away on his hands and feet; but the other escaped without any apparent hurt.

To have cherished his boyish hurts and sorrows!

Thy silence doth but breed thine own hurt and decay.

28 adjectives to describe  hurting