363 adjectives to describe imagination

Indeed, the child had such a vivid imagination that she saw mentally the scenes and people described to her.

She is a little below par, and she has a lively imagination; and she has learned something from Prentiss, though probably she does not remember that.

Lord Byron had few of the powers of a great dramatist; he had little architectural imagination, or capacity to conceive and build up a whole.

In him were united a most logical head with a most fertile imagination, which gave him an extraordinary advantage in arguing: for he could reason close or wide, as he saw best for the moment.

"Maria undefiled, and her Son, who is God!bless thee, Jacopo!" whispered a voice, that to the excited imagination of the kneeling Bravo appeared to hover in the air.

And besides the religious influence, the poetic imagination of the time seized upon this pure and lovely element, which passed into the songs, the tales, the talk, the thought, and the aspirations of all the knightly order.

"But thou, that didst appear so fair To fond imagination, Dost rival in the light of day Her dilicate Creation" Better known as "Rural Architecture.

Peace and tranquillity of soul are essential to successful thinking, more especially in philosophy; and in proportion as a brilliant imagination is a help, it is also a danger if let run riot.

The danger is that "the child can begin no new thing with it, cannot produce enough variety by its means; his power of creative imagination, his power of giving outward form to his own ideas are thus actually deadened.

They were right in doing this, and might have done great service to mankind, if they had not set up their own imaginary chemical theory in its place, which was neither founded upon observations, nature, nor reason, and had no existence but in their own vain imaginations.

" To my childish imagination, the picture thus painted was a real and living one, and filled me with a singular exaltation.

Beyond imagination pure and bright!

"It is pleasant to remember, is it not, my son, that your mother had a keener discernment, and did not give way to the dictates of a romantic imagination?" "Sir," I said, "there is only one reason why I ever came here, and that was because my mother requested it.

This book so inflamed a naturally ardent imagination, that I was with difficulty dissuaded from entering the arena as a circus manager.

Simple, ingenuous, amber-like in its sunny tints, it is a reflection of that ardent poetical imagination which made the courts of the Counts of Toulouse the nurseries of modern poesy, when the rest of Europe was little else than one wrangling battle-field.

The author of this work is prepared to go much farther than the Rev. Father, and maintain that the foul, diseased imaginations which could invent such monstrous horrors are also capable of perpetrating them.

Would not the abortion of miserably carved or chiselled images lag far behind the form of the god which the youthful imagination of antiquity pictured to itself throned on the bowery summit of a sacred tree.

Godfrey himself had been accused more than once of a too-luxuriant imagination.

His book left its impress on the historical imagination of the Middle Ages.

After this we may measure the almost fiendish force of a morbid imagination brooding over the incident, And he saw the lean dogs beneath the wall Hold o'er the dead their carnival: Gorging and growling o'er carcass and limb, They were too busy to bark at him.

Even as I sat before my easel I could see her, as she sat at the foot of my bed, with the sunshine streaming upon her through the half-darkened window, and making her look, to my boyish imagination, like a beautiful angel.

He was at least instrumental to the instruction of mankind, by the publication of many valuable performances, which lay neglected by the greatest part of the learned world; and, if reputation be estimated by usefulness, he may claim a higher degree in the ranks of learning, than some others of happier elocution, or more vigorous imagination.

Carlyle had something of Shakespeare's dramatic imagination, which pierced to the heart of men and movements.

As a plain, Waterloo seems marked out for the scene of some great action, though this may be mere imagination.

Many opinions were given: but nothing less than surprising a whole Pawnee village, slaughtering the inhabitants, and returning to their homes loaded with scalps, appeared to the heated imaginations of the youths a sufficiently glorious enterprise to satisfy their ambition.

363 adjectives to describe  imagination