4 adjectives to describe imagine

Could the noble, the honourable, the truth-loving mother for one instant imagine that Caroline, the child whose early years had caused her so much pain, had called forth so many tearful prayersthe child whose dawning youth had been so fair, that her heart had nearly lost its tremblingsthat her Caroline should encourage one young man merely to indulge in love of power, and what was even worse, to thus conceal her regard for another?

" Modern novels, "St. Leons" and the like, are full of such flowers as these,"Let not my reader suppose;" "Imagine, if you can, modest," etc, I will here have done with praise and blame, I have written so much only that you may not think I have passed over your book without observation....

But why shouldst thou imagine that such a mind as hers, meeting with such a one as mine, and, to dwell upon the word, meeting with an inclination in hers, should not propagate minds like her own?

Every one must have remarked, what powers and prerogatives the vulgar imagine to be conferred by learning.

4 adjectives to describe  imagine