425 adjectives to describe imaging

The something else may be an external fact or a mental image; but even in the latter case to conceive the image at all you must mentally stand back from it and look at itsomething like the man who was run in by the police at Gravesend for walking behind himself to see how his new coat fitted.

Shalah looked westwards, held up his hand, and stood poised for a minute like a graven image.

There was also an act made in the day of Nebuchadnezzar the Great, another of his servants, that whoever would not fall down and worship his golden image, should be thrown into a fiery furnace.

But to become somewhat, at least, like God the Son, like Jesus Christ our Lord, who is the brightness of His Father's glory, and the express image of His person, that is not impossible.

If you had your way they'd be pretty little putty images of your ideals, judgments, wishes, ways and feelings.

To the other passages I can find no other objection but what you may bring to numberless passages besides, such as of Scylla snatching up the six men, etc.,that is to say, they are lively images of shocking things.

Chung-ne said, 'Was he not without posterity who first made wooden images to bury with the dead?'

The Fundamental Image.+The first impression of the object as a whole is called the fundamental image.

The elaborate machinery modifies the rough signs which are traced by the mere aerial vibrations; but each character is a true physical type, a visual image, of the spoken sound; the voice, temper, accent, sex, of a speaker affect the phonograph, and are recognisable in the record.

And is it weakness bids me still to all thy faults be blind And bear thy lovely image thus stamped upon my mind?

Here is kept the sacred image, which has survived so many chances and changes; which, hidden for a hundred and fifty years in a cavern on the mountainside, made itself known at last by a miraculous illumination at night, and for the further guidance of the faithful gave forth a sweet scent.

Look at the near finger; a distinct image is obtained of it, while the far one is blurred or indistinct.

This is by the beautiful method of rock-crystal prisms, not the Rochon method of double-image, but by thin wedges cut to given angles.

Sweet babe, in thy face Holy image I can trace.

Ages ago, the bit of wood fell into a stream, where the water was largely impregnated with some chemical matter which had the power to eat out the fibre of the wood, and in each spot thus left empty to deposit itself in an exact image of the wood it had eaten away.

'But surely you never saw a face which had lost by wear less of the divine image?

The glorious image of the Makers beautie, My soverayne saynt, the idoll of my thought, Dare not henceforth, above the bounds of dewtie, T'accuse of pride, or rashly blame for ought.

I think there is no question but the Poet in the preceding Speech remember'd those two Passages which are spoken on the like occasion, and fill'd with the same pleasing Images of Nature.

Sometimes a phrase will awaken more vivid images of danger than would be called up by the actual presence of the dangerous object; because the mind will more readily apprehend the symbols of the phrase than interpret the indications of unassisted sense.

His divine poems are written in verse and various measures, and are dedicated to the Countess of Dorset; and there are some sublime images in them.

While I gazed, I insensibly approached the still group; and while musing what manner of grief it might be, which could solace by perpetuating its mere image, I observed two other persons, whose entrance I had not been aware of, but whose attention was evidently directed to what had attracted mine.

And the tree-fern forest of Tasmania, or New Zealand, gives one only a faint and remote image of the vegetation of the ancient world.

On the one hand Wackernagel, who believes that the function of poetry is to convey ideas in concrete and sensuous images and the function of prose to inform the intellect, asserts that prose drama and didactic poetry are inartistic.

Mary had often done this in her dreams; again and again had she beheld the white sails of the Sea Lion driving across Gardiner's Bay, and entering Peconic; and often had she thus gazed in the weather-worn countenance of him who occupied so much of her thoughtsso many of her prayerspicturing through the mysterious images of sleep the object she so well loved when waking.

A firm belief in a sphere of life freed from the category of time, together with the conviction that the poetic images of that superior world current among mankind are images and nothing else, is likely to give rise to definitions of the Absolute by purely negative attributes and to mental efforts having for their object the absorption of individual existence in the indescribable infinite.

425 adjectives to describe  imaging
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