58 adjectives to describe imprisonments

Besides these, the inquisitors condemned seventy-nine to perpetual imprisonment.

" "And if he is innocent, he will have spent several days in jail, been worried and disgraced, and there is no redress for the false imprisonment.

She was seized by warrant of a lettre de cachet, and consigned to solitary imprisonment in the convent of Sainte Marie, in the suburb of St. Antoine.

It is worth noticing that the French people in general did not regard the power of arbitrary imprisonment exercised by their kings as a grievance.

In order to avoid the sentence that would have followed an acquittal on the ground of insanity, which would have entailed perhaps lifelong imprisonment, I took upon myself to depart from the usual course, and ask the jury whether, without being insane in the ordinary sense, the woman might not have been at the time of committing the deed in so excited a state as not to know what she was doing.

What is the nature of your case?" "Illegal imprisonment, my lord.

Both were brought to trial and, despite the advocacy of a Calcutta barrister, they each received a sentence of six months' rigorous imprisonment.

And who, except a slaveholder, will dare to contend that it is no grievance that our agents, our representatives, our servants, in our name and by our authority, enact laws erecting and licensing markets in the Capital of the Republic, for the sale of human beings, and converting free men into slaves, for no other crime, than that of being too poor to pay United States' officers the JAIL FEES accruing from an iniquitous imprisonment?

" He protested most energetically against secret imprisonment "Secret incarceration has something immoral in it; it is moral torture substituted for physical.

To meet emergencies, which were now becoming chronic, extraordinary taxes were established, the non-payment of which involved the immediate imprisonment of the defaulter; and the debasement of the coinage, and the alienation of certain parts of the kingdom, were authorised in the name of the King, who had been insane for more than fifteen years.

COUNTRY LIFE, meals wished for from vacuity of mind, v. 159; mental imprisonment, iv.

He had undergone imprisonment; and had been released only a couple of weeks earlier.

Envy, malice, and treachery, tedious imprisonment and imputed madness, insult, poverty, and persecution, clouded his manhood.

His pride forsook him in that dismal and disgusting imprisonment, and he wrote to Whitbread a letter which his defenders ought not to have published.

For small offences like these the penalty should always be the same in characterI mean not excessive imprisonment, and never penal servitude.

You who are mind and body together, at your natural years, cannot imagine what this fiendish imprisonment meant to me.

Gessler did not dare to detain him in Uri, on account of Tell's many friends and relations, but took him up the lake, contrary to the traditions of the people, which forbade foreign imprisonment.

What is this horrible avulsion, this impenetrable self-imprisonment, but the appalling state of despair?

Small as such a privilege may appear, until very recently such distribution of books would have been visited with a very inconvenient imprisonment on the individual transgressing the law.(6 mo. 23.) 24th.

That his final sentence to indefinite imprisonment was a hard blow to Bunyan is beyond question.

The Squire became eloquent, and assured Mr. Davis that he would not pay a penny to save either Mr. Davis or his son from instant imprisonment,or even from absolute starvation.

Or he might buy a pound of cooked beef and take it home with him in a paper bag; but that would seem an almost intolerable imprisonment in his little room.

Alfred Bourdon, after a lengthened imprisonment, was liberated.

A trade begun in savage war, prosecuted with unheard-of barbarity, continued during the transportation with the most loathsome imprisonment, and ending in perpetual exile and slavery, was a trade so horrid in all in circumstances, that it; was impossible to produce a single argument in its favour.

There's no hole in the floor" Now Betty's nerves were sorely tried by the lonely imprisonment, the bad air, the heat, and the darkness, and it is not to be wondered at that her usual sound common sense was tricked by her imagination.

58 adjectives to describe  imprisonments