96 adjectives to describe individuality

And in them we find, not only a marked differentiation into special groups, but also a marked individuality in almost every tree, giving rise to storm effects indescribably glorious.

The individual began to feel his separate individuality, to be conscious of his own value as a person apart from his race or country (as in the later ages of Greece and Rome); and the world around him began to emerge from the mists of mediaeval dreams.

We must therefore withdraw our thought from the contemplation of symptoms, and indeed from his corporeal personality altogether, and must think of him as a purely spiritual individuality, and as such entirely free from subjection to any conditions, and consequently as voluntarily externalizing the conditions most expressive of the vitality and intelligence which pure spirit is.

To men, indeed, there is so little individuality about a Baby, that, I fear, it has to be weaned and vaccinated, and to go through many other processes before it ceases to be a thing, and rather an inconvenient one.

If I am your wife, I am my mother's daughter, and my brother's sister, and Tommy's mother, and there are four distinct individualities all centered in myself.'

The loneliness of intense individuality is the loneliest loneliness in the world,a loneliness which crowds only aggravate, and which even the closest and happiest companionship can only in part cure.

Before going to sleep he firmly impresses on his subjective mind that it is to convey curative suggestion to the subjective mind of the patient, and then, by the general principles of the relation between subjective and objective mind this suggestion is carried out during all the hours that the conscious individuality is wrapped in repose.

Have the women of your Earth hearts so much harder and skins so much softer than ours?" She spoke with most unusual impetuosity, and with that absolute simplicity and sincerity which marked her every look and word, which gave them, for me at least, an unspeakable charm, and for all who heard her a characteristic individuality unlike the speech or manner of any other woman.

individualitybut editorial individuality is the last thing the capitalist proprietors want.

Back of all his daily activities, behind the life of body-mind is the mysterious unique individuality, the Ego, the Psyche or the Soul.

One pestilent contagious error issued from this misconception, namely, that all maxims confirmed by the practice of the great artists must be maxims for the art; although a close examination might reveal that the practice of these artists may have been the result of their peculiar individualities or of the state of culture at their epoch.

The verse, alternately recalling Pope and Goldsmith, is yet impelled by a moral intention, which gives it absolute individuality.

The fall of the only real Arab Mohammedan dynastythat of the Umayyid caliphs at Damascusthe rise of the separate and often opposing dynasties in Spain, Sicily, Egypt, and Tunis, served to strengthen the Persians in their desire to keep alive their historical individuality and their ancient traditions.

For clarity and conciseness it would be difficult to improve upon the formulation of this idea contained in the following fragment: "In the manifold unity of universal life the innumerable individualities distinguished by their variations are, nevertheless, united in such a manner that the whole is one, and that everything proceeds from unity.

For the striking individuality of the first part, we have here nothing but abstractions; for its deep poetry, symbolism; for its glow and thrilling pathos, a plastic finish, hard and cold as marble; for its psychological truth, a bewildering mysticism.

The volumes before us are full of indications of the most racy individuality.

Its apparent individuality is a consequence of its spontaneity as a centre of actionalways understood that the spontaneity is consistent with the absolute eternal order assumed throughout the work.

The note of the Heroic Age, then, is vehement private individuality freely and greatly asserting itself.

The secrets of smart individuality.

Yee-p!" There was a lingering, caressing accent on his "I am," which told how dear to him was his individuality, drunk or sober.

His intense individuality, eager always, as his best critic has said, "to find a North-West passage of his own," pressed its curious and sceptical questioning into every corner of love and life and religion, explored unsuspected depths, exploited new discovered paradoxes, and turned its discoveries always into poetry of the closely-packed artificial style which was all its own.

Aside, however, from special eccentricity, there are men, like the Earl of Essex, Bacon's soi-disant friend, who possess a certain emphatic and imposing individuality, which, while commonly assumed to indicate character and force, is really but the succedaneum for these.

Both are there represented in their most energetic individuality; and every nerve will be strained in carrying on the struggle, inasmuch as no other country pays for labor at so high a rate.

And here we are met by another important characteristic of the human being, namely, his essential individuality.

It is not every man, however, who has an intellect of this kind; for any such definite individuality as I mean is geniusan original view of the world, which presupposes an absolutely exceptional individuality, which is the essence of genius.

96 adjectives to describe  individuality