20 adjectives to describe insincerity

Our own conventional insincerities differ so muchexternally at leastfrom those of that date, that it is difficult for us to realize a spiritual atmosphere where "pious fraud" was practised on such a scale.

"Oh, I shall come on when my things arrive, which ought to be soon," Gifford responded coldly, disliking the man and his rather obvious insincerity.

Again I do not tax any with conscious insincerity.

"There was no change in the essential order of things,"that eminent leader of modern thought, Doctor Winkles, was very clear upon this,and the exponents of what was called in those days Progressive Liberalism grew quite sentimental upon the essential insincerity of their progress.

The perplexity of his style, and evident insincerity of his compliments, betray his weak sentiments, and expose his guilt.

The inherent insincerity, more or less, of all literary work is a fact of which he had not thought.

As she departed she gave further proof of her insolent insincerity by calling back at Claire: "Remember, Claire, if there is anything I can do, just let me know.

The intellectual insincerity which is here blamed is just as prevalent to- day.

Such a proposal was worse than insulting; it proved the inveterate insincerity of those with whom it originated, and who knew it could not be entertained for a moment.

The principle on which he founded it was that politics are a branch of morals; accordingly he placed them on as high a level as any other duty of life, and spoke with withering indignation of the too common practice, and even theory, that a little insincerity, a little trickery, is allowable in politics, whereas it would not be in other matters.

Attending service in the cathedral on Sunday, and being, as usual, wearied by the monotony and apparent insincerity of it all, he again gives vent to his feelings: "How admirably contrived is every part of the structure of this system to take captive the imagination.

The decline of instructive conversation has been effected in a great measure by the barbarous habit of assembly en masse, where one hears the same succession of unmeaning platitudes, mutual insincerities, and aimless inquiries.

" Mr. Gross took occasion to congratulate the despised underling with pompous insincerity, whereat Louis admonished him scowlingly to beat it back to his trial balance or he'd bounce a letter-press on his dome.

She says, "One of the most striking characteristics of Young is his radical insincerity as a poetic artist.

And as nothing is so ridiculous, so, few things are so mischievous, as the sincere insincerity, the estrangement from fact, of those who have thus parted with themselves.

The slapdash insincerity of modern style entirely sets at nought the first principle of writing, which is accuracy.

And here I would remark in parenthesis, that trivial surface insincerities, such as we have had glimpses of in his dealings, do not affect such a great organic sincerity as I am speaking of.

She apologized for her apparent insincerity, but would be candid, and confide the whole truth to Mr. Bell.

A little unpremeditated insincerity must be indulged under the stress of social intercourse.

Her powers were not less than those of other politicians; she acted for herself and those belonging to her, set her speech according to the moment, and gained her end, earning a cheese or a handful of wool each time; she also could live and die in commonplace insincerity and readiness of wit.

20 adjectives to describe  insincerity