149 adjectives to describe interview

III Colonel Musgrave had a brief interview with his wife after luncheon.

I had a secret interview with one of our best medicine men, and when I left his wigwam I carried securely in my sleeve a tiny bunch of magic roots.

HINDU-MAHOMEDAN UNITY Mr. Candler some time ago asked me in an imaginary interview whether if I was sincere in my professions of Hindu-Mahomedan Unity.

Nothing authorizes us to believe that there was not a basis of sincerity in the language of M. de Jagow when he expressed to Sir E. Goschen in the course of their last painful interview his poignant regret at the crumbling of his entire policy and that of the Chancellor, which had been to make friends with Great Britain, and then through Great Britain to get closer to France.

With the Duchess of Gloucester and others in exalted position she had frequent interviews; and also more than once visited the Duchess of Kent, and her daughter, then the Princess Victoria.

"I have had a long and, as you may imagine, not very pleasant interview with the fellow," he answered quietly; "and am happy to say I won all along the line.

Apparently to interrupt an embarrassing silence, and to give a more cheerful tone to their little interview, the governess, in a gay tone, on a sudden said "

Naturally the idea that our stormy interview was to have a witness would have been the last thing to enter my mind; it never occurred to me to make sure no one was already in the room when we entered it.

"It appears to me, Mr. BENTHAM, that your office, besides being so near Mr. PENDRAGON'S quarters, furnishes all the conditions for a perfectly private confidential interview between this young lady here, and her friend, Miss PENDRAGON.

To put an end, however, to this most unpleasant interview you may take it that I accept your statement.

Mrs. Wilson listened to her niece's account of the unexpected interview in the library with pleasure, and cheerfully promised to accompany them in their morning's excursion, as she had both a wish to alleviate sorrow, and a desire to better understand the character of this accidental acquaintance of Emily's.

Kelson was going to drive over to have the momentous interview with Miss Tredworth's father.

While on Babbage Island several natives had waded across the northern mouth of the river to meet us, and had returned after a friendly interview, in which they apparently described the recent landing of two boats with Europeans.

June 5thAfter sending off your letter yesterday, I went to have my first official interview with the Chinese Plenipotentiaries.

There was an angry interview, Holymead accusing your father of having wronged him and demanding satisfaction.

The next entry notices a remarkable interview which, he had with a woman Friend from America: 15th.

Everybody knows that in the reign of the Emperor Elagabalus Rome was visited by an embassy from India; whose members, on their way from the East, had held that memorable interview with the illustrious (though heretical) Christian philosopher Bardesanes which enabled him to formulate his doctrine of Fate, borrowed from the Indian theory of Karma, and therefore, until lately, grievously misunderstood by his commentators.

I was not in a state of mind to note such a fact, and have since striven hard to forget most that occurred in that solemn interview.

What is it?He alludes to his sister, and in his subsequent interview with the witch we gather a dreadful meaning concerning her fate.

In a singular interview, recorded by Makrisi, he exhibited himself to a deputation of sheiks, dressed in the utmost simplicity, and seated before his writing materials in a plain room, surrounded by books.

I Hilda made no response of any kind to George Cannon's request for an immediate interview, allowing day after day to pass in inactivity, and wondering the while how she might excuse or explain her singular conduct when circumstances should bring the situation to a head.

All of them guessed now that Louisa's charge was not unfoundedotherwise, why the mysterious and interminable interview between George Cannon and Hilda in the bedroom?

She received us, they say, very kindly, and we had a satisfactory interview with her, and also with an interesting female who has the charge of her children.

But when his imagination, presenting afresh the awful interview, brings him more immediately under the influence of the apparition and its behest, he is for the moment delivered both from the stunning effect of its communication and his doubt of its truth; forgetting then the considerations that have wrought in him, he accuses himself of remissness, blames himself grievously for his delay.

To-day I went to Potsdam to see Baron Humboldt, and had a delightful interview with this wonderful man.

149 adjectives to describe  interview