84 words to describe  inventor

84 words to describe inventor

It appears from this passage of Syrianus that Longinus was the original inventor of the theory of abstract ideas; and that Mr. Locke was merely the restorer of it.

Besides, it so happened that the military authorities were just then absorbed by the construction of a new ballistic engine, and imagined they could afford to ignore that of the French inventor.

I regarded it all from the boat with the complacent pride of a successful inventor.

The real inventor, made by the Deity to carry out his plans, is modest, silent, broodin' over his great secrets, away from the multitude where angels minister to him.

Mr. Reid has accomplished this task much better than I possibly could, and, in following the personal history of Morse, the now famous inventor, I shall but touch, incidentally on all these matters.

HOUGH, CLINTON W. Standard inventors contract with Wired Radio, inc.

The author triumphs in the novelty of his subject, and pays a very elegant compliment to modern times, as having been in a manner the sole inventors of this admirable species of composition, of which he has undertaken to deliver the precepts.

The spring and early summer of 1867 were enjoyed to the full by the now venerable inventor and his family.

Encouraged by the universal praise which was showered upon him, the hopeful inventor redoubled his efforts to secure in some way, either through the Government or through private parties, the means to make a practical test of his invention.

My, that poor old inventor must have had a terrible fall.

He saw an analogy between himself and the crazy inventor, and he asked himself if he would go on re-writing The Gipsy until he went out of his mind. '

"Just as young Ben Franklin, on arriving in New York City from Boston, looked for a job in a printing office, the youthful modern inventor applied for work in a telegraph office there.

George Westinghouse: fabulous inventor.

The future looked bright to the sanguine inventor in the early days of the year 1838, as we learn from the following letter to his brother Sidney, written on the 13th of January: "Mr. Alfred Vail is just going in to New York and will return on Monday morning.

In 1881, English inventor Shelford Bidwell constructed the scanning phototelegraph that was the first telefax machine to scan any two-dimensional original, not requiring manual plotting or drawing.

Capitalists were disinclined to embark on new and untried ventures, and the members of Congress were too much absorbed in the political game to give heed to the pleadings of a mad inventor.

These discoveries of Henry were, beyond all question, the most important in real and intrinsic value ever made in the progress of electric science, as they form the solid basis upon which all subsequent inventors have been enabled to accomplish successful results in their various fields of endeavor.

" A serious accident befell the aged inventor, now seventy-nine years old, in July, 1869.

He was the man of science rather than the practical inventor.

Hastings was one of the cleverest inventors and one of the most prominent among the younger electricians of the city.

Such is the perfection to which Morse's marvel has been brought in the hands of the most able of modern inventors.

Its main competitors were the Bélinograf by Édouard Belin first, then since the 1930s the Hellschreiber, invented in 1929 by German inventor Rudolf Hell, a pioneer in mechanical image scanning and transmission.

As the white-haired inventor, in whose honor this great demonstration had been organized, stepped forward to deliver his, valedictory, he was greeted with another round of cheering and applause.

"It is not for the iconoclastic inventor or architect to improve the hearth out of existence."

Over the years its members have testified before Congress, offered counsel to key Senate and House committee members, and successfully pushed legislation to protect America’s independent inventors.

Accordingly he hides his feelings as carefully as if they were secret sins, and so becomes an inexhaustible inventor of tricks and artifices and devices for concealing and masking his procedure, in order that, unperceived, he may wound the object of his envy.

Reading, the ingenious inventor suggested, would be an agreeable mode of passing the time.

Some inglorious inventor had solved the problem of playing that royal game in an empty oblong room.

Perpetual motion machines have interested inventors for a long time, and even though it has been shown that such a machine cannot exist, people still try to build them.

Thomas Roch was an inventoran inventor of genius.

Aldobrandini, the Italian inventor, was playing cards with a German engineer.

This clear statement of Mr. Fisher's was cheerfully given in answer to a request for his recollections of the circumstances, in order to combat the claim of Dr. Charles T. Jackson that he had given Morse all the ideas of the telegraph, and that he should be considered at least its joint inventor.

If the inventor of the alphabet be deserving of the highest honors, so is he whose great achievement marks this epoch in the history of languagethe inventor of the Electric Telegraph.

Additionally, is introducing literary inventor Tom Swift into the Drew-niverse, eyeing a potential spinoff for the reinvented character now a Black, gay billionaire.

Is it too much to suppose that, had the Russian, or even the French, contract gone through, and had Morse been compelled to recruit his assistants from the people of an alien land, whose language he could neither speak nor thoroughly understand, the result would have been a dismal failure, calling down only ridicule on the head of the luckless inventor, and perhaps causing him to abandon the whole enterprise, discouraged and disheartened?

Why should we not do for the innovator in the arts what the country daily does for mechanical inventors and soldiers?

Moreover, it is not Richardson, the meticulous inventor of the epistolary novel, but the past-mistress of sensational romance who is credited with originating the English domestic novel.

"It is a striking circumstance," says Mr. Hallam, "that the high-minded inventors of this great art tried, at the very outset, so bold a flight as the printing of an entire Bible, and executed it with astonishing success.

[I wonder if the modest inventor appreciated the irony of this juxtaposition.]

The Moroccan inventor recalled a similar incident that occurred in Toulouse, southern France, in 2001.

Not knowing what it was, the sailors hauled in about two hundred feet of it; then, finding no end, they cut the cable and sailed away, ignorant of the blow they had inflicted on the mortified inventor.

If any one has a claim to be considered as a mutual inventor on the score of aid by hints, it is Professor Gale, but he prefers no claim of the kind."

DAPHNIS, a Sicilian shepherd, the mythical inventor of pastoral poetry.

According to Daily Times, the Nigerian inventor, hopes that his piece would help in the saving of lives around the world.

The pale inventor stood a few feet from the window, attentively examining a mass of machinery before him, upon which the light shone strongly.

She was the invention of John P. Holland, and the result of twenty-five years of experimenting, nine experimental boats having been built before this persistent and courageous inventor produced a craft that came up to his ideals.

"If the Government is disposed to test this mode of telegraphic communication by enabling me to give it a fair trial for one hundred miles, I will engage to enter into no arrangement to dispose of my rights, as the inventor and patentee for the United States, to any individual or company of individuals, previous to offering it to the Government for such a just and reasonable compensation as shall be mutually agreed upon."

Again, it is notoriously the nature of man to attribute every institution to a primal inventor or legislator.

Under such uncomfortable circumstances our race will have diminished with the diminishing call on their energies, and by the time that the self-repairing and reproducing machines arise, all but a few of the rare inventors, calculators, and speculators will have become pale, pulpy, and cretinous from fatty or other degeneration, and behold around them a scanty hydrocephalous offspring.

Detective Julian Palmer assists with a seemingly simple insurance investigation but soon finds herself enmeshed in a bizarre case involving a dead investment banker, a mysterious briefcase, and a renegade inventor.