35 adjectives to describe jamming

In winter-time, when fresh apricots are not obtainable, a little jam may be substituted for them.

A delicious jam is made by allowing 1/2 lb. sugar to every pound of fruit and cooking for half an hour from the time it first begins to boil.

The result is a very stiff, sweet jam, much more like shop jam than home-made jam.

It's suthing betwixt jim-jams and doddering idjiocy.

Morning did not bring a solution, as it properly should have done, but he ransacked his pack, chose a small glass jar of blackberry jam and a little can of maple syrup, fortified himself with another red can of tobacco and went up to the camp, hoping for a streak of good luck.

Jack Vance carried two big paper bags, Diggory a biscuit-box and a small tin kettle, while the other two were provided with four clean jam-pots, it having been announced that there was "going to be some cocoa.

He found her in the kitchen, tying the covers upon countless jars of currant jam.

The road was clear to Forty-second; there a dense jam of cars, teams, and carriages blocked the crossing.

[2080]So they do by learning; [2081] "didicit jam dives avarus Tantum admirari, tantum laudare disertos, Ut pueri Junonis avem" "Your rich men have now learn'd of latter days T'admire, commend, and come together To hear and see a worthy scholar speak, As children do a peacock's feather.

Externally the book showed manifest traces of a schoolboy's ownership, in broken corners; plentiful ink-stains, from exercises and punishments; droppings of illicit candle grease, consumed long after curfew-time; round marks like fairy rings on a greensward, which indicated the standpoint of extinct jam potswhere are those jam pots now?

The front was open, and directly before it was a rough fire-place, with jams, made of small boulders, laid up with clay, regularly-fashioned, as if intended for a kitchen.

Subsequitur tua mors: privari lumine Syllam, Numina Parcarum jam fera precipiunt Precipiunt fera jam Parcarum numina Syllam Lumine privari: mors tua subsequitur.

"You may think so," she said, "but I want you to know that you are also running against me, and I say to you, confidentially, and with as much trust in you as I used to have that you would not tell who it was who spread your bread with forbidden jam, that I have planned a match between these two; and if they marry, I intend to make pecuniary matters more nearly even between them, than they are now.

They had reached the opening, and the young man turned back, and the young girl tripped lightly and carelessly on; not to find the fence, as she expected, but an expanse of fallen timber, huge trunks, immense jams of tree-tops, and numerous piles of brush, under which the path was hidden.

You can go to the infernal jim-jams if you ever see me here again! PODKHALYÚZIN.

Yo' ketchum jam, ketchum shirthow many jam yo' ketchum?

Both are on the best terms with their mess-mates, and it was amusing last night to see little Anton jamming a felt hat over P.O. Evans' head in high good humour.

Thy candy soothes the infant in its pram; Thou addest mellowness to old brown sherry; Thou glorifiest marmalade, on Cam And Isis making breakfast-tables merry; Thou lendest magic to the meanest jam Compounded of the most insipid berry; And canst convert the sourest crabs and quinces To jellies fit for epicures and princes.

* * "Ac neque jam stabulis gaudet pecus, aut arator igni.

It would reduce the nightly jam around the stage door by a whole lot.

The sandwiches were tiny and round and filled with pink strawberry jam which made them seem like delectable apple-blossom petals.

Equitis quoque jam migravit ab aure voluptas Omnis ad incertos oculos et gaudia vana.

Close the door gently after you, and if you see anybody downstairs who looks as if he were likely to be going over to the shop, ask him to get me a small pot of some rare old jam and tell the man to chalk it up to me.

Over the heads of the Legionaries she flung blazing sandal-oil out upon the white-robed jam of madmen.

I had no money, I wanted impudence, I could not scramble, temporise, dissemble: non pranderet olus, &c. vis dicam, ad palpandum et adulandum penitus insulsus, recudi non possum, jam senior ut sim talis, et fingi nolo, utcunque male cedat in rem meam et obscurus inde delitescam. 2037.

35 adjectives to describe  jamming