188 adjectives to describe jobbing

The list of odd jobs which fall to his lot would be ridiculous, were not their influence upon his life and work so retrogressive and so sad.

cries an eager one: "Let her drink all the lager in her shops, She'll find the little job is not yet done, For all there's such enormous strength in hops!"

They'll make a better job out of you than ever I can.

Have it explained to him that it may be a tough job.

"Good clean job, Barnett.

"All the same, if you want a man for an awkward job, I think you can trust Mr. Lister!"

Now, in meeting you, I want to do a clean, neat, precise job.

Make a thorough job of it, as it is most important that the glove should be foundif it is to be found.

Mon, it's sich a nasty, dirty job; aw'd as soon clem! . . .

" It was no pleasant job confronting us, although we had less dead men to handle than I anticipated.

He says he is going to the city, for he hates to chop wood and work, and he thinks maybe he'll get some light job there.

It was broad daylight, and to paddle up within shooting distance of a deer under such circumstances, in plain view of an animal the most wary, is a delicate job, but it may be done.

Set a souldier to rowing on the lake forenent the rising sun, with orders to get to the other ind, and a pretty job he 'd make of marching on that same!

He was a rather shabby little man, a penman employed to do occasional odd jobs about the Foreign Office, such as engrossing documents and the like, by which he earned from eighteenpence to half-a-crown an hour, according to the style of penmanship required, and he was well known in the criminal courts as an expert on handwriting in forgery cases.

They had a dangerous, unpleasant job on hand.

From the first I knew 'twas bound to be a ticklish job.

They had a dangerous, unpleasant job on hand.

"He's cut out a man-sized job for himself.

You must be tiredand it's a sad job.

"Awful job I had too," he went on.

If any extra job is to be done, it must not hinder the 'niggers' from their work, but must be done in the night.

I have discouraged most of the boys who wanted to run away and go with the show, by giving them a curry comb and brush and telling them they could have a permanent job currying off the hyenas.

"I hear they've had a rare job to get him to drop his beer, and if it had not been for that great red-headed wench of his they'd never ha' done it.

And when I look at this I wonder how that huge chimney is cleaned, and where the Titanic sweep is that could undertake such a gigantic job.

It's an expensive job, Di." "Very well; I will give you five hundred a week; but only as long as you work earnestly to carry out the plot.

188 adjectives to describe  jobbing