7 adjectives to describe judgings

Nobut by the perfectly reasonable and fair means of examining slavery in the light of its own codeof judging of the character of the slaveholder in the light of his own conductand of arguing the condition of the slave from unequivocal evidences of the light in which the slave himself views it.

The creek was too narrow to allow of much maneuvering, and Frank was obliged to forbear judging of her sailing qualities until he should reach the river.

O! forbear thy hasty judging!

There is a wide difference between mere speculative rational judging anything to be excellent, and having a sense of its sweetness and beauty.

The stupidity, the perverse ill-nature, the resolute ignorance, the audacious and fanatical application of Scripture condemnations, the reckless judging without a desire to do justice, which he felt and complained of so bitterly when turned against himself, he had sanctioned and largely shared in when the same party which attacked him in the end attacked the earlier revivers of thoughtful and earnest religion.

There is not only a speculative judging that God is gracious, but a sense how amiable God is upon that account, or a sense of the beauty of this divine attribute.

After I have put other Friends upon importuning him to publish Dramatick, as well as other Writings he has by him, I shall end what I think I am obliged to say on this Head, by giving my Reader this Hint for the better judging of my Productions, that the best Comment upon them would be an Account when the Patron to the Tender Husband was in England, or Abroad.

7 adjectives to describe  judgings