132 adjectives to describe keys

Thine too these golden keys, immortal boy!

Forward the ship's bell sounded two double strokes, then a single, followed by a wail in minor key: "Five bells and all's well!" ...

James Fairbairn had told his story, and had vowed that some thief with false keys must have sneaked through the house into the inner office.

Twenty days later the schooner was standing among some low sandy keys, under short canvass, and in the south-east trades.

but he really is crazy?" He led the way up an outside staircase at the end of the Brick Row, and, after fumbling a long time in several deep pockets, produced a huge rusty iron key, and unlocked the door at the head of the stairs.

Fellow, he hath the falling sickness; Run, fetch two cushions to raise up his head, And bring a little key to ope his teeth.

A considerable coral-reef extends to the northward, having some dry sandy keys at its north extremity.

He volunteered no explanation as regarded his possession of a duplicate key to the shed door, and though no attempt was made to bring the charge home against him, there was little doubt as to his guilt, and he was dismissed the next morning.

FOX, EMMET. Be still; a treatment against fear, spiritual key to Psalm XLVI.

" The tongue of the bailiff ran on in accompaniment, during the time that the followers of Bacchus were going through with their songs and pageants, and when they disappeared, it gained a louder key, like the "rolling river that murmuring flows and flows for ever," rising again on the ear, after the din of any adventitious noise has ceased.

Wherever he went prison doors were unlocked as if he possessed a magic key; and by his life and books he did more to help prisoners than any other man.

There was nothing on it but a tiny golden key, and Alice's first idea was that this might belong to one of the doors of the hall; but, alas!

I next examined, with the eye of scientific scrutiny, two massive rulers that lay on my table, one made of maple-wood, and the other of ebony, and, having selected the first as most available for my purpose, prepared to commence the most arduous undertaking of my lifethe careful shaping of a wooden key!

" "Yet you took several minutes, for all your hurry and your indifference, to get the stable key and look in at a horse that wasn't sick enough to keep your coachman home from a dance.

The case of the solid key.

You mentioned a key, not keys, in all your answers to my questions.

Bounding out of my berth, I went to the door with it, certain that it was a spare key to the stateroom.

NICHOLS, WILLIAM B. How to read blueprints; manual and key.

His liking or even love for this division according to quantity, quality, relation, and modality, which he always has ready as though it were a universal key for philosophical problems, reveals a very strong architectonic impulse, against which even his ever active skeptical tendency is not able to keep up the battle.

This easterly key of to-day is shriller, more cheerful, warmer in sound, though the day itself be colder: but grander still, as well as softer, is the sad soughing key in which the south-west wind roars on, rain-laden, over the forest, and calls me forthbeing a minute philosopherto catch trout in the nearest chalk-stream.

How did you get this?" Releasing her hands, she drew from the folds of her robe the electric keys, which, by a separate combination, would unlock each of my cases;without which it was impossible to open or force them.

Sometimes it is a new tax or a new sort of bath that is the secret key to the whole contraption.

"It was a flat key, like a latch key," Betty reflected.

*** The Münchener Neueste Nachrichten accuses the United States of having stolen the cipher key of the LUXBURG despatches.

The fourteenth key.

132 adjectives to describe  keys