176 adjectives to describe kissing

For a space they rested so, murmuring question and reply, checked or answered by swift, sweet kisses.

She then asked him affectionately to change rings with her, in pledge of their faith and troth, in which he joyfully acquiesced; for she could not have then asked any conditions which, in the fulness of his heart's love, he would not have granted; and after one fond and affectionate kiss, and repeating all their engagements over again, they parted.

"It's all right, mother," he said, giving Mrs. Morris a hearty, boyish kiss, as she stood waiting for him.

She watched every expression of my countenance, and then, when I had finished reading and placed my arm tenderly about her slim waist, she raised her beautiful face to mine to receive the passionate kiss I imprinted upon those soft, full lips.

She bestowed upon the worried face a pecking little kiss and tiptoed to the door.

" She hastened to the door, and Olive, all unaware of a third presence, lifted her white arms, laid them about her mother's neck, and, ignoring her effort to speak, wrested a fervent kiss from her lips.

" The captain's ready explanation, and affectionate kiss, brought a smile again to Beulah's face, though it shone amid tears.

But when she felt that the agent was laying him on the bed, she suddenly shuddered, sat up, and gave a wild hasty kiss, which lighted on the little fellow's cap.

" She found out a match, immediately lighting two jets of a center-chandelier, turning them down from singing, drawing the shades of the two front and the southeast windows, stooping over the upholstered chair to imprint a light kiss.

Now with a tearful kiss each other greet, Nor longer naked be your toil-worn feet, 1820.

Outside there were sweet lilies of the valley and violets and pansies, and the roses wafted long breaths of fragrance to her through the trellis work of the porch, while the morning glories hung their heads and blushed under the ardent kisses of the sun.

They are a calm, devout, forlorn-looking class; are distinctly sincere; have strong liberal notions of Christianity; seem to love one another considerably, and may at times greet each other with a holy kiss; but they don't thrive much in Preston.

A small matter will overflow a heart charged with sorrowa chance word, a look, some little office of kindnessand so it was with mademoiselle's bouquet and gentle kiss.

The Doge succeeded his friend in paying the compliments of affection to the bride, and had just released Adelheid with a warm paternal kiss.

For a space they rested so, murmuring question and reply, checked or answered by swift, sweet kisses.

These tokens of her friends' good-will she used to receive with many sprightly demonstrations of thankfulness; sometimes, in her transports of gratitude, distributing between the Doctor and his wife a number of delicious kisses, and telling the latter that her husband was the best and most generous of men.

I was away when Elsie's letter arrived; but as soon as I got into New York yesterday, I started off, and I am so glad to come, so glad to come;" and here Mrs. Lambert heard the eager voice falter, and saw the glisten of tears in the eyes that were regarding her and in the next instant felt them against her cheek as a tender kiss was pressed upon it.

275 Press the sad kiss, fond mother!

And the thin hands eagerly waft some grateful kisses to the group below.

As the formal kiss of peace was given, the count caught his father's fierce whisper, "May God not let me die until I have worthily avenged myself on thee!"

It is the gentle laugh, not violating, but just humanising, that very solemn kiss; the quip that just saves passion from toppling over the brink into bathos, that mark the skilful lover.

And then she gave each of the boys a warm, motherly kiss and a hug.

Some of these plays I heartily disliked, especially when there was romping and promiscuous kissing.

Led to the council chamber, the usurper arose to give him the accustomed kiss of salutation among the Teutonic kings.

" With tragic countenance, Di rushed across the room, threw both arms about the astonished young man's neck and dropped an energetic kiss upon his cheek.

176 adjectives to describe  kissing